Monday, March 30, 2009

This and That

It's been a busy Sunday, but I sure don't know what I have to show for it. Do you ever have those days?

This morning I prepared a backing for the red, white, and blue quilt and cut the batting. I set up my tables out on the patio for pinning and found it was like trying to set up for a picnic in a tornado--in other words, it was extremely windy out there. Since I bought the portable tables, I've had a problem finding a way to hold the layers of the quilt in place for pinning because the tables are too thick for binder clips. This morning Hubby thought he might be able to find something at Home Depot I could use--and he did. My hero! Here's what he came home with--if you've had the same problem, look for some of these. They aren't very expensive--I think he bought eight for under $3.

After the quilt was pinned, I worked in the room we're turning into an office, trying to find places for some of the things being displaced and doing what I could to organize a little. For instance, I have a plastic tub that holds file folders and I had it full of decorating ideas, recipes, gardening ideas, craft ideas, etc.--I probably put that together sometime in the 90s and I haven't looked at it since. This afternoon I sorted through it, looking to see what I might want to keep and what could be tossed so I could use the tub for business files and records. It's always kind of funny looking back at the things you thought were worth keeping 10 or 15 years before. Some of it was still "good" but much of it went in the trash.

Then I ironed and folded wool. Hubby's really been a maniac about taking apart those wool blazers from the thrift stores. It seems like he gets at least one done a day, which means I have to wash it and fold it. Sometimes I think his "helping" makes more work for me! LOL!

Last week when I was thinking about where and how I wanted to store things, I decided bundling the wool and storing it in large baskets was a fine idea, so on Friday night after work, I stopped in at two Goodwill stores and found three nice, large baskets. Two of them need to be spray painted because they're odd colors, but I've been busy filling the third. All three should fit nicely under the office desk, I think.

Would it surprise you to know I found a few other things at Goodwill too? Of course not! So I'll show you a couple of Easter goodies. I liked this mama bunny pushing a wheelbarrow full of carrots and two baby bunnies, so they came home with me.

Then there was this Beatrix Potter print. Last year I printed a couple of Beatrix Potter pictures on the color printer and framed them, and I think this may have been one of them. Of course, this print is much nicer. I haven't decided yet whether it's going to end up on the kitchen wall I always decorate or whether I might prop it up on the mantle in the livingroom.

I'm really anxious to decorate for Easter but I haven't had a chance yet with so many other things that need doing first. Friday night I finished making this little wool bunny "pincushion"--I had prepped it to take to jury duty and then never had a chance to work on it. Lindy (Bearpaws & Hollyhocks) has been putting together little wool kits about once a month and this was the kit for March.

I'm afraid Easter may arrive before I'm ready, and right now, my house is in a terrible state of chaos. If I could, I'd schedule some vacation time but with potential jury duty looming next week, I'll have to wait to see what happens. Weekends are just too darn short, aren't they? Even so, I hope you had a great one!


PunkiePie said...

I was going to get similiar clamps but I didn't have the hand strength to open the clamp so I found others. Same concept and what a great thing to have to secure quilts to be pinned to tables. I read your other weekend posts. Looks like you are really busy. That's a good thing!

Mary said...

I just love your blog...those bunny's are adorable! Hugs, Mary

Judy said...

I often wondered about how to clip to the thicker table tops of the resin/plasticy tables. What are those made of really? Good deal on the clips!

All the decorations look great...what cool Goodwill finds!

Gran said...

I have been away in family land. The laptop was the last thing on my list and I MISSED YOU. Boy do I have alot of reading to do tonight, hey! So, I am back in the saddle again, after, the laundry and wiping the house down (everything from waist high down!)


Phyllis said...

That white bunny is so sweet! Are you referring to the Bear Paws and Hollyhocks quilt shop in CA?