Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And a Little More Applique Plus a Winner!

Well, not toooooo much applique tonight--you all deserve a break! But Judy asked about the color of the bobbin thread I use on these projects. What I've found is that it works fine if I use a thread to match the backing fabric throughout. Because I'm sewing through several layers, unless the tension is off somewhere, the bobbin thread doesn't pull up and show on the top. If I have a problem with tension, it's usually with the top thread showing through on the back, but I don't worry much about that--the purpose of these little wallhangings is to make quick, cheerful, and seasonal decorations, and I don't expect them to be heirloom quality creations--if I did, I'd hand applique instead. And, really, no one's likely to see the back if I have it hanging at my desk or a little spot in my home. Good question, Judy! Any others?

Now, you're probably wondering who won the Batik book, right? We had 40 entries. I told my random number generator to shake all the numbers around in his head and pick one. Well, he got a little dizzy doing that, but he finally spit out number 31!

After counting the entries, I figured out number 31 is Scottylover, who posted: "Hi! Would love to win the Batik book! I have some 1/2 yard pieces here I don't know what to do with. Love your blog, you always make me smile!"

Well, hopefully Scottylover is smiling really big as she reads this and will promptly email me her mailing address so I can get this prize in the mail to her! Congrats! And thanks to the rest of you for playing along!

I know some of you think I could probably out energize the Energizer Bunny, but I'm a little pooped tonight. It's been a busy couple of weeks and tonight I taught the third meeting of the Hey Ghoul Friend quilt class. Tomorrow night I'm TAKING a quilt class, Clues in the Calico--here's the class description if you're curious:

"CLUES IN THE CALICO--Become a quilt detective-explore the fabric quilts and social world of American quilting from 1700-1840, research from noted quilt scholar, Barbara Brackman. You will receive with your history lesson, monthly articles, patterns, antique photos and more."

Doesn't that sound kind of cool?! Anyway, I think I'll take the rest of the night off tonight. A nice, hot bath, a cup of tea maybe, my slippers

and a good book sound like just the thing! This is about as close as I'm going to get tonight to the Energizer Bunny! (By the way, do you ever worry that keeping both your left and your right bunny slippers together might lead to all kinds of baby bunny slippers someday? Does anyone know if there's a specific bunny slipper mating season, or does it just go on all the time?)


debby said...

What 'good book' did you read? And that quilt class sounds fantastic!

Eileen said...

That Enegizer bunny just keeps going, going, going. So better watch out.
I think you do need a rest.
What a neat class. to explore the old quilts and fabrics.

Amanda said...

That quilt class sounds like it would be so interesting.

Congratulations to the winner!

You were talking about threads showing through on the back or the front...since you have a Bernina, did you know that you can pull your thread through that little hole on the finger of the bobbin case and that will keep your threads from showing through to the top? I agree with you about there being many layers and it wouldn't show up on the top, but just in case you're doing something without that many layers, you may want to try that idea.

Take a rest. You deserve it!

By the way, "Spring" is on my design wall. I plan to work on it today. I bought rick rack yesterday to make the stems. Cute!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Yes, the bunny slipper mating season goes on year careful.

Kim said...

Congrats to the book winner. Well, Kim, you deserve a break!! Busy women need pampering even if have to do it ourselves.. your relaxing sounds like the same thing I enjoy.. I will have to get pampered really soon!

dianne said...

bunny slipper mating season IS all year - that explains the little dust bunnies on my floors ... no - wait! i don't have bunny slippers - i have FLAMINGO slippers ... shouldn't i be finding feathers?

Judy said...

Hey stick them in the cozy back f the closet and let them can wear all the babies when they wear out!

Thanks for the bobbin answer. It's easier to just switch the thread and not both so that makes perfect sense!

scottylover said...

Thanks so much for pulling my name! I am grinning from ear to ear!

Jeannie said...

Oh Kim, you will have so much fun in your class! I took that class 20 odd years ago and I am amazed at how much I remember! And you get to pet antique quilts! Cheers.