Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Catch Up

It's been a bit quiet around here this week with nothing too exciting to talk about, but I thought I'd use this post to follow up on a few things.

Thank you all for the get well wishes earlier in the week. I'm pretty well recovered now with just a few minor lingering symptoms, but as it turned out, Hubby DID have a sinus infection. When he got up the morning of his doctor's appointment, his breathing sounded shallower and somewhat labored to me, so I was glad he had made that appointment. After the appointment, he called me at work and said, "Well, when I got to the doctor's office, my temperature was 109 degrees." "Honey," I said, "If your temperature was 109 degrees, you'd be dead. I think you mean 100.9 degrees." Yeah, 100.9 degrees isn't nearly as impressive as 109 degrees, but I know he really felt lousy. He was given antibiotics, cough syrup, and who knows what else. He even got himself a new thermometer because the doctor wanted him to monitor his temperature. I DID mention I thought we might have one or two rectal thermometers around from when the kids were babies, but I don't think he was feeling well enough to find that nearly as amusing as I did. So, under doctor's orders, he's been home all week. He's finally starting to notice a difference although I think it will be another couple days before he really starts to feel human again.

Remember the cherry fabric panel I showed you a few days ago? Did you happen to also see cherry fabric on Red Geranium Sharon's blog about a week ago? Turns out both are from the same line, Cherry Picked by Wilmington Prints. If you click on "Cherry Picked" above, you can see the whole line. After I saw Sharon's, I decided I needed some of that print too--

But now--NOW I see they also have an apron panel! Hummm. I wonder where I could find that one?! I guess I'll need to hunt some down.

I've had to work a bit of overtime this week, so I haven't gotten as far along on quilting the hat quilt as I hoped, but I HAVE gotten half of the blocks quilted.

I'm particularly anxious to finish the quilting on this so I can switch out machines and stitch up a few blocks to send to Tracey in Australia for the fire victims. Tracey, by the way, mentioned that some of you have volunteered to send her blocks and she's very excited about the response--thanks to all of you!

Time for my bath and my beauty sleep. It's now Friday the 13th, so be careful out there! And if it's bad luck to have a black cat cross your path, then perhaps it's good luck to have a sort of white cat draped across the recliner! Here's wishing you a day filled with nothing but good luck!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love that hat quilt..and the rectal therm. joke. I got it!!!Though I can understand why he didn't!
71 girls have visited from here now, you are the blogging queen!
Unfortunately we are just hearing more and more horrific stories of perfect quilt recipients, so every blog will be vital,
Love Tracey

Judy said...

I'm still loving that yellow and blue hats quilt and I'm not even a big fan of blue! Sorry hubby is so sick, so far so good at my house keeping the germs out!

Question about your quilting
..again, I know...when you do the straight line on like the hat band do you do yours free motion? I used to on the old machine but the new one is still too new for me to have that kind of control yet, so I wondered if you switched out to the walking foot for those parts?

Gran said...

Hey - just getting my second wind for the evening....
I am going to sew my blocks for Australia tomorrow. I mentioned the need to the ladies at the shop, who were sewing quilts for wounded veterans and they are interested. I referred them to your blog....

I hope you have a great weekend and that all your Valentine's Wishes (desires) come true ;0)

Nancy said...

I'd completely forgotten about black cats and Friday the 13th until today, the 14th. Considering I've got 3 stray cats living on/under my deck and 2 of them are PURE BLACK, I guess that's a good thing to forget, or I'd have never left the house yesterday. lol

Nan said...

Ooh - you got some of that wonderful fabric! I did see the apron panel, too. It's very cute!
Your hats quilt is lookin' good with the quilting.
I hope hubby is feeling much, much better now.