Friday, December 5, 2008

Uh Oh! Call the Fashion Police!

You might as well turn me in so they can lock me up and throw away the key! Tomorrow (Friday) is our office staff Christmas lunch and gift exchange and I'm planning to wear a Christmas top. I gather from the comments left the other day that the What Not to Wear people are completely and totally appalled by things like Christmas sweaters. Guilty as charged, Officer! Stage an intervention! I unearthed it from the closet tonight and pressed it.

Okay, so maybe I do have my tacky moments, but I'm nowhere near as bad as this--am I?

This is a quick photo I got this a.m. of the yard with the inflatables that I mentioned. Of course, that's just the front row--there are more behind it, but my angle wasn't right and I was on my way to work. Oh look! I think they have room for one more right next to that snowman on the end! And I really like the motor home or trailer or whatever it is parked there on the left side. At least it acts to block the light at night from shining in the neighbors' windows! LOL!

By the way, Beth left a comment about a website called Tacky Christmas Yards--kind of a fun site if you enjoy a lot of lights and a lot of Christmas figurines.

And, since I like to make fun of myself as well as others, let's take a look at the ornaments on the tree in the Sweat Shop.

Can you see them very well? It's a barnyard tree! Here's a close up of a couple ornaments. And I KNOW Red Geranium Sharon is going to LOVE this one:

Moooooo! I just might make her a whole herd of cow ornaments! But there are a lot more of these on the tree:

Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a! Mostly white but a few black ones sprinked in, because everyone needs a black sheep or two in the family! I made these guys about 15 years ago, and I take them out every now and then. This year they're out because my renegade missing Santa apparently took off with the ornaments for the tree in the Sweat Shop! If he doesn't turn up soon, you may see him on the back of milk cartons.

And, while we're on the subject of animals, if you're a cat owner, you probably already know you can't put anything soft down for a few moments without the cat finding it--and claiming it for its own.

I was in the middle of putting the cushions on the kitchen chairs and had one left. I went to put something away at the back of the house and when I returned, there was Spike, up on the kitchen counter, laying on the remaining chair cushion.

Cats are goofy, aren't they? I'll leave you with this cartoon--which seriously looks like something that could really happen in our house! We can thank Anna for sending me some funny pictures including this one!


Christy said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! Instead of Christmas outfits (which I see nothing wrong with), I get tacky gifts for our Dirty Santa. You know the dancing chicken kind. Well last year I got the pig that oinks gingle bells as he is walking. A guy that left the company gave it back to me (he wasn't happy when he got it) and I'm going to regift it! I love to see people's reaction. No one wants to steal that gift!!! HAHAHAHA!
Have a great day!

Eileen said...

I think I have a couple of those sheep in the ornament box from when the kids were little. Tacky yes Cute cartoon though.

Karen said...

A good laugh for today!
So what is wrong with wearing Christmas sweaters? You wear your Christmas outfit and be proud!
Love the little sheep and cow ornaments. And the red & green Christmas tree quilt is wonderful!

Amanda said...

Kim, check out my blog (Thursday post named Christmas Fashion). It's in response to your post the other day about not being able to find Christmas sweaters in the store, and what I think about Stacy and Clinton telling us we can't wear them.

Your ornaments are cute, and your sweater is, too. That's the great thing about Christmas sweaters: they last forever!

W. Latane Barton said...

I am anxious to find out if you got arrested by the fashion police? ha ha It's really cute and I hope it drew a lot of attention.

Penni said...

My friend Beth went on a diet last year and lost a bunch of weight (hrumph) and gave me all of her tacky christmas sweaters. I was caught out of the house this morning taking the kids to the bus in pajama pants with cocoa and coffee cups and a white fleece sweater with blue snowmen sledding on it. Screw the fashion police. If I weighed 110 lbs and had great legs I would be called adorable. In my mind that's what I look like when I go out. In reality I never even brushed my hair. But I was able to go home, crawl back into bed with a cup of coffee and catch up on your blog. It's a life to envy!!!! I will think of you every time I put on one of those sweaters this season. Maybe I will even take some photos for you. Have a great day.

MichelleB said...

Love those ornaments. They are really cute. And don't get me started on those darn cats!

Mary said...

Love your tree quilt and that comic is tooo funny! Love those ornaments too! Hugs, Mary

Lizzie said...


Your blog is pure joy, I love your comments on everything. I had to laugh on the tacky lawn ornaments. My x husband and his new, uh, woman, have a lot of crap on their front yard. My kids told me it looked like Christmas threw up (crapped) on his yard. I will have to go and take a picture of that yard to share. It has to be funny! Carry on and merry Christmas!

Gran said...


Made candy clubs this am and now dashing off to work. Sorry chocolate and carmel and pretzels took priority this early am. BUT, i could not go without checking-in :0)

Judy said...

Are you nuts! That's a custom designed cat cushion for just that spot on the counter!! ALL for Spike!

Love the moo.sheep.cows?? whatever they are. I've got to fin something for my tree going up in the sewing room this year too. Wonder what it might be?? Hey, you wear that shirt with PRIDE! Okay?

Candace said...

Oh man......Stacy and Clinton have your number, Kim! Just watch out for any roving reporters wanting to interview you on the street about your "style" - but, heck - who wouldn't want $5,000 for a new wardrobe - and I would FIGHT to keep my Christmas sweaters!!
Spike knows a good thing when she sees it!

Miss Jean said...

Kim: What is the name of the Christmas Tree pattern that is the third photo down on this post? I think it must be paper pieced. Love it!

Greenmare said...

okay the camper/ RV is their guest bedroom, so be charitable, they are keeping the tacky plastic making companies in business. it's all for the economy, what generous, patriotic minded neighbors you have!

quiltmom said...

HI Kim,
I was sure you would love the cartoons that came to me from a good friend of mine- glad they made you laugh...

I like the Gingerbread boy sweater and my kids at school would love it. I have a number of Christmas and other seasonal things that get worn through out the year- The fashion police would have a hayday in my closet LOL

Mars the cat always finds the cushiest spot on the bed to lay and lets you know that she is not pleased when she doesn't want to be moved..
I love the sheep ornaments- I have made reindeer with those clothes pegs- they are cute too..
Have a great weekend,

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Good laugh! Thanks! You need a cows egg on that tree!