Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Thrifting I Did Go!

Here we are, finally at the end of a very looooong work week, and I'm looking forward to a week off. It will be a busy week "off," but it will be a "good busy" and at least I won't have to go to the office!

I worked a little overtime again today, but I decided I deserved a lunch hour--which actually became a lunch hour-and-a-half--to go over to the grand reopening of a Goodwill store close to my office. This particular store had been closed for remodeling since I started getting hard-core interested in thrift store shopping, so it was a real treat! The store actually reopened yesterday, which meant I was a day late, but there were still plenty of cool things left to buy!

Seriously, I'm so tired tonight that the thought of trying to take photos was almost more than I could face, but it turned out to be quick and painless--LOL! I didn't photograph all the stuff I bought but I thought I'd show you a couple things tonight and then I'll take a few more photos and share those tomorrow.

I've been keeping my eyes open for an egg plate for several years, and I finally came across this one today. They had four different egg plates, but this was the one I really liked and--wouldn't you know it?--it was the most expensive at just under $9 but still . . . $9? That's a pretty good bargain, I think.

I really wanted to get a photo of the plate because I'd like my friend Eileen to tell me if she knows anything about it. Eileen's the closest thing to a vintage glass expert I know, since she and her husband used to sell Heisey glass. I've collected a few Cambridge glass pieces and this sort of reminds me of that--maybe the same period? Of course, if anyone else recognizes it, please tell me. I haven't tried searching eBay or the rest of the internet yet--I'm hoping Eileen or one of you might know what it is. And I found it just in time for Thanksgiving! Deviled eggs are definitely going on my Thanksgiving menu!

Then I found these two Christmas plates. The snowman is Fitz & Floyd. The other one--I don't think there's any marking on the bottom from what I can recall, but I thought it was sweet looking.

And tonight's final photo is this waaaay retro plastic snowman. There's a light that goes into a hole in the back and plugs in so it lights up. I suspect many of you remember these from childhood. And while I thought these decorations were pretty tacky back then, I kind of think they're fun now. I suspect Hubby has a different opinion though since he keeps asking me where I'm going to put it.

And believe me, if he keeps it up, I have a few ideas . . . if you know what I mean! Hubby Training 101: Don't annoy your wife when she's worked hard all week and is incredibly tired. Particularly not if you slept in because you had the day off, and then napped all afternoon in the recliner. Yeah, not a good idea.

If any of you are thrifters in or around the Sacramento area, the Goodwill that just reopened is on Arden between Howe and Bell. Highly recommended!


Eileen said...

OK, Kim, the egg plate looks like 1950's Ca't tell you who made it but probably from the Pa. Ohio area. I remember someone having one of those. My MIL had a pottery one.That's the best I can do.

Teresa said...

I have an egg plate similar to yours. I come across them quite often in consignment/antique shops and they usually sell between $9 and $16. So far, I have bought three of them, one for my daughter, daugther in law and now me. I think they look great!

I also have a light up Santa that looks about the same vintage as your snowman, lol. Boy could we do some damage if we went shopping together.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Love the egg plate, and the snowman is adorable. I had to laugh b/c whenever my husband thinks I shouldn't buy something at a garage sale, he asks me where I'm going to put it. Guess it's more tactful than him just saying no!

Caryn said...

OOOh, I love deviled eggs! I have an old egg plate my mother made in ceramics when I was a kid - might have to add deviled eggs to the Thanksgiving menu! Your right about the snowman - years ago I wouldn't have liked it but today I love it!

Penni said...

Love the snowman. I think my grandparents had an entire collection of those on their front porch every Christmas. Santa, Soldier and they also had the large, handpainted plywood figures. I have thought about asking hubby to cut out some soldiers and paint them so they could stand like sentries in my driveway all the way up. You always find the best stuff. Wish I could visit CA just for all the neat places to go.

W. Latane Barton said...

Wonderful finds. Wish I had a Goodwill store close to me. I do have a number of antique shops but you don't find bargains in those. pooh.

Pat said...

Deviled Eggs for a family get together... why haven't I ever thought of that? (JK :-)

I'll have to see if I can leave a link to a company that sells patterns for wood cutouts. There's one for toy soldiers!

Have a fun vacation!

Greenmare said...

don't know a thing about the egg plate, but it's pretty. the Christmas plates are great, especially that sweet looking one, it would be wonderful at my house if it came with some nice sugar cookies....... The snow man is cute because though he may have been tacky in the day, he is vintage now and much nicer than anything from Walmart. display him prominently!!!

Barbie Jo said...

Love, love, LOVE your snowman! If it's whimsical and from the 50s I would have to have it.
Enjoy week off!

Judy said...

Oh I hit the Goodwill n Friday and founf wool jackets, but had to do a mad dash through the housewares since hubby was with me. I was looking for another dye pot...canning pot really but no luck! GREAT finds you found at your store!

MOLLY said...

Kim--I don't have a GoodWill store close by, but nothing is more fun than shopping garage sale, antique or junk shops, or we have a town close by that has a giant Trades Day once a month. I love a good bargain. I know what you mean about the snowman--My mom and dad had a Santa clause. Tacky, tacky, but now retro shiek!! Good job! I want to go with you and Teresa.
I have an egg plate that is really similar to yours. I don't know anything about it, but I have found so much info on Ebay before. That is a great idea.

MARCIE said...

I adore that snowman! My folks always had a similar on that my dad would put on the garage roof. Probably bigger. Can we place orders? I never get out!

quiltmom said...

Kim, What fun stuff you found- I think my gran had an egg plate like that or my mom- I am not sure where it went-
The snowman does bring back memories..
I hope this coming week is less hectic for you even if it is Thanksgiving ( I know the holiday can be really busy).


Anonymous said...

I love the snowman! My grandparents had one just like it. I used to think their decorations were tacky too but now the old decorations make me smile!