Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So What Goofy Thing Am I Up To Now?

Today was our Thanksgiving celebration and Hubby and I had a nice time with our son and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, I got a call from our daughter this morning to say she was sick and wasn't going to be able to make it--she has a horrible cold. She's hoping to drive down from Tahoe soon--possibly on Friday if she's feeling better--so we'll still have a chance to stuff her with Thanksgiving leftovers. We missed having her, of course, but we'd rather she take care of herself now and come visit when she's recovered.

Now, though, I can tell you who I was making the Peppermint Twist and tree quilts for. Our daughter LOVES Starlight Mints, so I made the Peppermint Twist quilt for her--it just reminded me of her. I couldn't wait any longer to surprise her with it, so I let the cat out of the bag when we talked on the phone this morning. And I made the Trees Up! Lights On! quilt for our son who seemed pleased to get it. I made bed quilts for both of them some time ago, and last year I gave each of them a Halloween quilt, so it seemed about time to make them Christmas quilts!

Several of you asked about the swirly quilting pattern I used on the tree quilt and/or what type of machine I use. I'll try to answer those questions in tomorrow night's post.

Tonight, I managed to get myself sidetracked again. Our son and his girlfriend left after dinner at around 8:30 to go to a friend's birthday party, and although I didn't expect them to stay later, for some reason I really hadn't thought much past dinner and what I was going to do after they left. With coffee cup in hand, I retreated to the Sweat Shop and started flipping through a couple magazines I bought recently.

I love this magazine! Really, it's more of a showcase for items for sale, but I always find tons of decorating and craft ideas and inspiration when I look through it. And yes, I certainly WOULD like to buy just about everything in the magazine, but nope, that's not going to happen. I can't afford it. So I just browse for ideas I can make and I always seem to find something.

Tonight, as I was looking through the magazine, I saw several soft sculpture Santa dolls, and I was reminded of the wooden rocking chair I found at Goodwill awhile back. I bought the chair thinking it would be perfect for a Santa doll. So I got online and popped over to Etsy to see if I could find something I liked at a decent price. Nothing. All the Santas I liked were waaaay too expensive for me, so I got out a couple books and patterns and started looking for a Santa doll I could make. I finally found a pattern I kind of liked, but I modified it a little bit.

I know it doesn't really look like much yet--certainly it doesn't look much like Santa!--but hopefully it will come together in the next few days. Let's just ignore the fact that I have a boat load of quilts that I should be making/quilting, okay? I swear I have the attention span of a gnat!

Tomorrow I'll spend much of the day packing away the autumn decorations. The garage is now overstuffed with boxes of Christmas decorations that my son got down from the rafters, so I have my work cut out for me the next several days. It's lucky we have Thanksgiving leftovers to eat, because I'm pretty sure there will be a couple days of decorating when I'll barely be able to FIND the stove, let alone cook a meal. Viva la turkey sandwich!


Eileen said...

So that's what you were doing till 3AM.Didn't even give him a face yet. Cute though.

ranette said...

Your table looks beautiful (love your dishes). I can't wait to see your Santa, is there anything that you can't

Also saw a little peek of your stash in the sweat shop (picture of santa), looks impressive! ;o)

Kristie said...

Can't wait to see how your Santa turns out! How about a photo of that big nice fabric stash in the backgroud!!!!

MichelleB said...

Looking forward to seeing the Santa! I hope that you took a finished picture of that tree quilt. I can hardly wait to see how you quilted the tree. I'm glad that you're doing a separate post on your quilting/quilting machine. That way when people ask you how you do such wonderful things (like me :) you can just refer them to your post where you explain it all!

Gran said...

Good morning. We have been up 3 hours and I am sneeking a peek inbetween Curious George and blocks. Ryder was playing with a potatoe and "accidently" popped it into my full tea cup. Luckily the splash missed the Valentine wall hanging I was tacking the sleeve onto.

Your table looks inviting and I imagine alot of wonderful family togetherness around it for your festivities. I can almost taste the turkey sandwiches. I have never heard of a Santa Doll or better yet I mean seen one made. I am going to love watching you do this project.


Judy said...

I'm missing the turkey this year but only the sandwiches really not the actual turkey eating...I chose HAM for this year. Still will have sandwiches!

Have a great weekend!

PunkiePie said...

Can't wait to see how Santa turns out! So, what are you going to be doing tomorrow since you already had your thanksgiving/turkey dinner? Sew the day away?? I wish I could do that tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Jen :)

Candace said...

Hi Kim, I got the biggest smile when I saw your table set with the Friendly Village china! That was our dinnerware in the 60's - if I'm not mistaken, my mom got it as soap box promotions in those it is highly collected! Happy Thanksgiving to you and I can't wait to see your decorations for Christmas! Cheers!

Richelle said...

I love your Johnson Bros. Friendly Village dishes. Reminds me of growing up - our everyday dishes were Friendly Village. Someday I am going to get myself some - just a great memory. Thanks!