Sunday, November 16, 2008

Out and About

If you can measure the success of a quilt shop by the amount of money I spend in it, then I think the newest shop in the Sacramento area should do okay!

You may remember several months back I went into Running With Scissors the first weekend it was open and I was a little disappointed. No one greeted me despite the fact that I was in the shop for about a half hour, and their stock was a bit limited. I left without having spoken to anyone or spent any money there. Not today though!

I don't often leave the house on Saturdays--usually I just do my hermit thing, relaxing and sewing after the work week--but today I decided the weather was lovely and I should get out and do something, so I got dressed and headed out to give Running With Scissors another try and make a run through the Goodwill next door.

I was still looking for some green fat quarters for the tree quilt that's next up on my list. When I pressed and stacked what I had, I wasn't very pleased with the combination. Running With Scissors helped solve my dilemma! I came home with a nice pile of green AND red fat quarters, and I'm happy now with the variety I've collected.

The gals at Running With Scissors were much more friendly today too. The shop had a much wider range of fabrics this trip than they did last time. I sensed that they are geared a little more toward the younger, newer quilters, with several Amy Butler bag patterns and fabrics, several simple kits, and a number of pre-printed panels, but they also had plenty of fabrics for quilters of any level. Their selection of patterns was fairly limited and what they had tended toward simple, quick quilts, but hopefully they'll get in a little more variety in coming months. And I'm sure I'll be back to check it out.

Goodwill also didn't disappoint me. There I found a wooden compartmented box that would be excellent for holding rolled fat quarters or other "treasures"; a doll-sized wooden rocking chair; a Christmas plate (99 cents, and I'm thinking it would make a great gift when "accessorized" with a loaf of nut bread and pretty cellophane wrapping and ribbons); and a couple of Christmas idea and recipe books.

After shopping, I came home and got busy in the Sweat Shop. My assistant was more than happy to help out.

She's all about recycling and finding multiple uses for items. Like turning freezer paper into cat toys.

Finally, I wanted to mention that if you've looked for Carol's Craft Closet blog lately and haven't been able to find it, she has a new blog, Carol's Crafty Creations. You can click on the name link and go on over there and say "Hi"!


Eileen said...

Nice haul for the day. Especially at the new quilt shop. Spike seems to like whats in the basket.

PunkiePie said...

Beauty! I love collecting fat quarters. I'm on a mission to collect black, white and green ones myself to create a quilt I saw in one of my many quilting magazines. Now if I can just remember which magazine I saw it in, I would be in better shape!

Jen :)

Penni said...

The quilt shop looks fun. I have got to come out there and see your Goodwill. Mine is really not very good. I may have to go over there today and check it out. Even the little Thrift Store by my house is picked clean by the time I get there. I will keep trying. Great job on your fabric choices. I can't wait to see the trees. The quilt shop looks great. I noticed the shop had pillowcases on the wall. That's my new thing. I have been making pillowcases to go with all my bed quilts. I am trying to decorate more around the house. It's a great way to use up extra blocks if you have any.

MichelleB said...

Well, it's great that you gave it a second chance, and that it seems better. I love the greens and reds that you picked up and can hardly wait to see the finished product.

Carol said...

Hi Kim, thanks for letting the girls know about my new blog. It is much easier to do since I use a Macintosh computer. That wooden box will be great for fat quarters. I like the selection of Christmas fat quarters you got at the Running With Scissors store.

Carol L.

Anonymous said...

Where is Running With Scissors? Sounds like a shop I need to visit.
Kathy B

Cheryl said...

What a wonderfu shop. Thanks for the great photos. A lovely assistant you have there :-)!

Candace said...

Glad you gave the new shop another try - we have a rule of thumb with new retaurants - they have to be open for at least 30 days before we go, but heck, who can wait that long for a new quilt shop??? I think it always takes a while for any new store to find their "mojo"! Love your holiday background, Kim! Better get that stomach things looked at - I've had the leg cramps and can't imagine what it must feel like in your stomach -arghhhhh! Cheers!

gran said...

Kim you make my blog day. Thank you for opening up a world I did not know existed. Who knows maybe I'll do my own blog sometime :).

quiltmom said...

Hi Kim,
I love your assistant- what a perfect toy- Mars enjoyed playing in the peanut shaped styrofoam that the computer box.

I loved your green fabrics- it will be a spectacular quilt. The Running with Scissors place looks like a great shop to visit..
As usual you found the best things at your Thrift shop- the plate is very pretty and the box will be great with fat quarters.
You do have a great eye for the potential of recyclable objects..

Lorraine said...

Nice greens!!! Your cat would have loads of fun in my sewing room at the is trashed!! LOL...I have been in there sewing like a maniac to get swaps finished....and am looking forward to having a BIG cleanup in there once I am finished...thanks for the link to Carols blog....I have been wondering where she went!!

Kim said...

I think more than one set of sheets is very normal. If they match your quilts then that's a bonus!!

Love your trees... I got that pattern and hopefully will work on it after Thanksgiving when all my visitors go home.

Judy said...

Wow I missed 5 posts lately! What is it about cats and freezer paper? Mine appear from nowhere when I start cutting out shapes and if they have curls and slivers hanging down the claws can kill a leg as they grab for it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I just found your blog, pretty cool!! I think the shop in Citrus Heights is called Runs With Scissors Quilt Shop. Keep on blogging. Sandy in Fair Oaks Ca.