Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scrappy Stars Correction

I just wanted to alert everyone who was interested in making this quilt that there was a typo in one of the measurements--I had typed 4-1/4" when it should have been 4-1/2". I've edited the post, but if you printed it out earlier, please make that correction. Thanks you Donna D. for noticing the error!

P.S.: If you've already cut your pieces 4-1/4", then make the other parts of the main block 4-1/4" rather than 4-1/2"--it will end up being a little smaller but the nice thing about this block is that you won't lose the star points. I think the only other thing that would change would be the length of your sashing--you'd need to cut that at 11-3/4" instead of 12-1/2". Sorry for the error--I don't know how many times I read over the directions and didn't notice it!


BusyLittleQuilter said...

Hi, Kim!

For some reason when I click on the links to your tutorials they don't do anything.

I love your idea for sharing Wee Gifties. I had one for a tissue holder, but I don't know the link. I'll try to find it. They're easy to make.


BusyLittleQuilter said...

Wow! I just scrolled down to see if you had posted pictures of your Scrappy Star, and you did!!! It's gorgeous!

Nan said...

Thank you for the correction - I didn't notice it! Of course, this quilt is in my "to do at a future date" pile!