Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waaaay Too Late to Chat

Sorry I have nothing for you tonight. I've stayed up waaaaay too late decorating and crafting and I'm getting close to done--other than making the appliqued witch quilt, which will probably take another couple weeks. I hope to have some photos for you tomorrow night of what I've been doing, so come on back!


Lorraine said...

So you do sleep! love the pics of your bedroom....the quilt is great! Love the idea of the panels on the wall....we sleep with blinds up and the window open...hate to feel closed in....anyone peeking in would probably die of shock or die laughing so could we be liable for that...??!!!

Cheryl said...

Great photos of all your decorating. Come on Fall I know you are out there waiting to come!
90 degrees and humid here again. Can't wait for more photos!