Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Introduction and an Idea

I'm up waaaaay too late again tonight. Tomorrow night is my Thimbleberries Club meeting and I always just about kill myself trying to finish things up for show and tell. And each month I tell myself to knock it off--but I never listen! So here it is, 2 a.m., and I still need to take a bath and brush my teeth before I go to bed. Still, I wanted to share a couple things with you real quick.

Meet Archie! When I asked you all what to name him, I had an email from an internet friend, Synthia, suggesting "Archie." After that, two of you suggested the same name, so Archie it is. Personally I thought "Eileen" might be appropriate. (Get it? "I lean"?! ROFLOL! Okay, I DID say it was late, right?! I can't be held accountable for lame attempts at humor after 1 a.m.!)

And here's an idea you're welcome to use. Last year, I bought a Thimbleberries Cover Story panel and--story of my life--I haven't made up the quilt yet. Since wall space in my home is at a premium anyway, I thought for the time being I'd just frame the panel--I'll prop the whole thing up on the mantle in the livingroom.

I picked up the picture frame fairly cheaply at JoAnn's with a 40% off coupon. I didn't cut into the panel--I just pulled the excess fabric around and taped it to the back. It's a fast project that will give the mantle a lot of visual punch!

I have a couple other things to show you but we'll wait until the next post or two. I've been holding out on you because I wanted to show the gals at my club meeting first. It seems several of them read my blog, and so when I get my show and tell out--after killing myself getting it done in time--it's kind of like, "Oh yeah, I saw that on your blog already." Anti-climactic, you know?! So stop back by because I'll have more to show you--and, of course, I enjoy our visits!


Eileen said...

Yes, you really NEED to get to bed earlier. Your humor isn't that good late at night.

I got that "I lean" when I was in high school so don't need reminded. You know I'm not a black cat.

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm not sure how you can blog, sew and work....I want what your having! The frame that for the panels and especially just seasonal ones! I like to frame quilt blocks.

Chris in Sacramento said...

Framing the panel is a great idea. I have several seasonal panels that are packed away and at least I'd get to see them if I frame them.

See you tonight at Thimbleberries. Can't wait to see what you're doing now.

Quilt Nut said...

that is a fantastic idea!

Quilt Hollow said...

2nd comment....I updated my blog with a photo of a quilt framed I did in August....I also noted your blog because of the awesome idea to frame the panel

MARCIE said...

I-lean! Yuk-yuk! She's gotta love that!