Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wild Child

In my blog, I almost always refer to my daughter as the Wild Child. Why? Mainly because she's such a free spirit. Not long ago, she said, "Mom, I don't know why you call me the Wild Child. I'm really not all that wild anymore." And in some ways, that's true. At the ripe old age of 24, she's settled into a routine of sorts. She has a steady job and a steady boyfriend. She's responsible with her obligations, and has a good head for budgeting her money and making sure her bills get paid. Still, in many ways, she's a Wild Child.

In my world, quilting is about as extreme as it gets. In her world, . . . well, the sky's the limit. She's constantly engaged in one outdoor activity or another, many of which in my mind involve at least some element of risk. Surfing, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding--the list goes on and on. In fact, she and her boyfriend will be spending a week kayaking around Lake Tahoe soon. Last summer they had no formal residence, unless you can call the occasional campsite a "residence"--and that was largely by choice.

She's not bound by conventional thinking, although she is a deep thinker and always has been. Once she's thought something through, there's no wishy-washy-ness about her opinions and she's not afraid to express them, although she is open minded and listens fully to what others have to say about what they believe. If something strikes her as funny, she'll say it or do it no matter how outlandish it might seem, although she's rarely cruel in her humor.

She's a throw back to the hippie era. Make up and hair styles don't occupy much of her time. What she wears isn't all that important to her, and her style of dress is more a matter of comfort and utility than the latest trend. Although her clothes are clean, wrinkles don't bother her much. If she had no mirrors to look at herself in, I doubt she'd miss them.

On Saturday, she called to ask if she could come down and spend the night Sunday because she had a court appearance on a traffic ticket this morning. She told us she and her boyfriend planned to get into town around mid-day. They wanted to drop her stuff off and then leave to run some errands. They would be gone all afternoon, and after that, they planned to go out to dinner, so we needn't worry about feeding them.

Right on schedule they arrived around noon, chatted with us a little bit, and left, promising to return in the early evening. Sure enough, they came home around 8 p.m., bearing leftover Chinese food. And those errands she had to run?

Of course, she knew better than to tell me ahead of time, although Hubby knew what they had planned. I would have been a nervous wreck! The last time I told her not to tell me something was when she planned to hike up Half Dome--I didn't want to know until she was down again. So what did she do? She called me at my office from her cell phone when she was at the top!

And you might appreciate the email she sent me today along with her photos:

"A note from Wild Child:

I, as most people, have been greatly influenced by my parents. They inspire and encourage me constantly. My father's limited mobility has given me an appreciation for the experiences that he cannot share with me. My mother, on the other hand, inspires me with her irrational fears. Yesterday was no exception. For some sick reason I enjoy the disapproving looks and disdain in her voice almost more than the act which causes it.

Love you mom talk to you soon."

I don't know where she gets her wry and twisted sense of humor. Must be her father.


Teresa said...

Says alot about her upbringing - sounds to me like you and your husband did a great job! She understands responsibility and respect and love, while at the same time knows how to have fun and approaches life with excitement and humor.

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm with you....don't want to know beforehand....am envious they are free spirits and willing to explore and live life! You did a spectacular job with her....I bet she is just a joy! Did your quilting ever get in her blood at all? I guess not....perhaps someday.
Are you appliquing the Halloween blocks by needle turn? You mentioned taking to work so I had to ask.

ranette said...

I hope that my girls have a freedom of the spirit that your daughter has. Oh how wonderful not to be ruled by "irrational fears". I also hope that if they do something crazy they wait to tell me after!!! LOL

Nancy said...

well, if I would have been drinking tea I would have spit it all over the screen when that photo popped up on my screen. GOOD FOR HER!! She lives life to the fullest and follows her own drummer... You and hubby have done a wonderful job...

and to think I was worried about Rock Star driving to school for the first time today...lol

Eileen said...

Sounds like she wrote that email for you to put in your blog. She knows you and I'd say she gets a lot of her humor from you. Course I don't know Pat that well.

I think my daughter was the same way. Loads I never knew off and just as well but the way she keeps tabs on her daughters show me she's doing well.

Maybe when Wild child reaches 50 she will settle down and start to quilt. LOL

Eileen said...

I think she gets that humor from you, just look at your blog.

What a picture.

mamaspark said...

Kim, Kim, Kim...this post made me chuckle! I am sure that she got her sense of humor from you both although not knowing your DH I'm just sayin'. It is funny what they do to get our attention, huh?

Melzie said...

For some sick reason I enjoy the disapproving looks and disdain in her voice almost more than the act which causes it.

OK GIRL THIS MADE ME LOL TIL TEARS CAME TO MY EYES. :) And I am at WORK tho' thankfully alone. She is a hoot clearly :D I am still chuckling! xoxo melzie

Greenmare said...

yes, from her father. that's your story and you're sticking with it.

Lorraine said...

perhaps your fears wont seem so "irrational" when she has her own children!! LOL....gotta love 'em! I thought my mother had "irrational" fears as well when I declared I was going to Europe as a 20 year old....couldn't see what she was worried about...the fact that I had no plans, didn't know anyone over there ....mere details..nothing there to worry about!! LOL...

Chocolate Cat said...

'Wild Child' sounds an amazing woman, lets hope she always has a 'wild' side to her!

Pat E. said...

I just went myself just a couple of weeks ago! It was awesome. I'd go again in a heartbeat!!!

We know where she got the humor. My question is, where'd she get the sense of adventure?

Barbie Jo said...

How fun to see Wild Childs lastest adventure. Gotta love it! It appears all of us seem to agree on one thing, Wild Child appears to have inherited a lot of her Moms qualities!
I must say Kim, you are making my head spin cranking out these quilts out left and right! They are all so wonderful, can't wait to see what you did tonight!