Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why My Eyebrows Are Turning White

The Boy Child.

The Wild (Girl) Child.

Why do they show me these photos? I don't like heights!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great pics...what a great experience!

Anonymous said... they HAVE to stand so close to the edge?
Btw: my DD thinks that your DS lookes rather...let's say :yummie!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Georgeous photos! But YIKES!!!

Eileen said...

Great pictures, I just got one from my DS who is close to 50 on his mountain bike up high enough that there is snow around. That was yesterday.

What our kids don't do.

Vallen said...

That photo just gives me shin-willies. I can't stand heights. Ack. You are a brave mom!!! That would have put me over the edge - so to speak.

tami said...

Beautiful photos. They just want you to enjoy their view. :cD

Su Bee said...

Holy crap - only your eyebrows are white??????

quiltmom said...

Hi Kim,
What gorgeous photos of the scenery and heart stopping for any mom- They just want to show you that they are enjoying the world around them - ( I know, do they have to be so keen to experience everything that life has to offer?)
Hope you are keeping the fridge full for your boy- it is amazing how much they can consume - Does he say Oh sorry I didn't realize you might want that_________ for lunch? I was hungry mom and needed a snack ( such is my life with a young male adult child - aged 20)
Hope you had a great weekend, Kim!

loulee1 said...

They like to scare us.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to scare them a little. lol

You know, paybacks are a... well,.. I'm sure they'll know.

Snap a photo of you spending their ex-inheritance at a slot machine!

Julie said...

Those are your CHILDREN? I always thought it is amazing that children survive childhood. Yours have a little more to go, I guess, LOL! Actually, it looks awesome. Power to them! -Julie from QH

Nan said...

Beautiful photos, but heights are not my thing either. I'm askeered!