Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Rest of the Weekend

Hubby and I enjoyed the antique faire today, although the weather was a bit warm. Still, it was fun to get outside and wander around, talking with the various vendors. I was pleasantly surprised to see vendors selling quite a few of the same things I've found at Goodwill--quite literally! In a couple instances, I recognized items I saw and passed up in the past week or two that then appeared on these vendors' tables. It's surprising to me how my attitude toward thrifting has changed! It's a heck of a lot of fun--I just wish I had a bigger house to show off my "treasures"!

And guess what? I carried my new purse today and got a couple compliments from vendors. Hubby didn't happen to be with me on the two or three occasions, and I'm not sure he believed me until we stopped for lunch after we left the faire, and a woman in the restaurant also commented on how cute the purse was! So much for Minnie Mouse!

Neither of us purchased much at the faire, but I thought I'd show you few postcards I picked up.

Three have messages written on the backs and went through the mail. The postal date stamps are hard to read, but one is from about 100 years ago and it bears a 1 cent stamp as does another. A third has a 2 cent stamp--I'm not sure when postage for a postcard went from 1 cent to 2 cents. Do any of you know?

In any event, I thought these were neat! I could have easily gone wild and purchased a lot more but I was exercising restraint! I DID get the vendor's business card, though, and she has a shop here in town. I'm sure I'll have to visit her one day. She had some great stuff for altered art and collages, like these postcards.

Tonight was pizza night! I had some leftover shredded BBQ'd chicken, so I mixed up a batch of pizza dough in the bread machine and took a nap. Voila! Nap time was over and I had dough ready to be topped. I wish every meal could be that simple! And I wish I could nap every day too!

Here's what I'm working on now:

This is the first block of the Christmas List BOM. Is anyone else working on this? Tomorrow night is the sixth meeting and I'm finally starting it! I really, really wanted to quilt the other patriotic quilt I have all pinned and ready this weekend, but I never had a nice chunk of time to get started, so I didn't get around to it. I thought I'd start tonight until I started feeling kind of guilty about the BOM and thought I ought to have SOMETHING to show tomorrow night! Gee, I'm such a slacker! Well, the rest of this block can be done during my lunch hours at the office, so maybe after my Christmas List meeting tomorrow night, I can get started quilting the patriotic quilt.

Finally, I'm happy to tell you there were no disasters today and Hubby was on his best behavior. The only hiccup was when we got home from the faire to find my car missing. Turned out our son had somehow lost the keys to his truck and had to meet with a customer and then had soccer practice, so he borrowed my car. Kids!

So, now tell me:


Eileen said...

So, what else have you got to say !!!!

Cute cards. That one I'm sure is one of the Campbell Kids. Umm good. Cambell Soup.

I bet the card stamp went up to 2 cents around the end of the second WW. 1946?

Maybe you better check DS pockets for those keys. Men never can find keys, Except he found yours. LOL

Anonymous said...

I looked it up. Seems the rate went up and down several times. I knew it used to be the same price as a letter but didn't know for how long.

The question of the day should be... whan was the last time you saw anything fo back DOWN in price??? LOL ;-)

Michelle said...

Cute postcards. How are you going to do the letters on that BOM? Applique?

DPUTiger said...

According to Wikipedia, the U.S. Postcard rate when from 1 cent to 2 cents in 1952. Here's the website

That link is interesting because you can see the increases both in "real cost" and in adjusted-for-inflation numbers. Glad you had a good weekend!

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness - you make me want to go thrifting! I read through this blog and the one before and the coffee pot story is just too funny. I have done that so many times. I fixed my mom's pot for her tonight so she would have coffee in the morning, and now I feel I need to run back down to her house and make sure I set the pot on straight.

Thanks for sharing all the pictures and stories - always fun to read.

Thimbleanna said...

Adorable cards Kim -- you always find such cool stuff!

Chocolate Cat said...

What gorgeous postcards and that pizza - yum!! Love your purse - definately not for 'minnie mouse'.

Sherry said...

Oh Kim, I love those postcards and that pizza well darn, I'm too late but wish I'd seen the post sooner, would have put in a to go order! LOL I like that new BOM you have going.

i am very mary said...

Ooooh! I'm a sucker for old postcards!