Thursday, June 5, 2008

Inspiration, Part 2

This "inspiration" post is more about what I've been doing, but maybe you can get some inspiration from something you see here.

Shopping. What could be more inspiring than shopping? Well, I think I started yesterday's post similarly, talking about finding inspiration at the quilt shop. And you all KNOW I didn't leave the shop without buying anything, right?

Prairie Paisley. I don't know why I haven't made a big commitment to this line--I should have just bought a fat quarter bundle, because it seems I can't stop buying charm packs! I used up just about every little bit of the other two packs I bought when I made the Decoy quilt and I just love the way these fabrics look together. So three more charm packs (and a couple red fat quarters) made their way into my bag last night.

And two more Schnibbles patterns--Little Red and Darcy. I think as I finish projects from these patterns, I'll give the patterns away here on my blog, like I did with Decoy. After all, sharing among quilters is a long-standing tradition, so let's keep it going! Of course, the key here is that I actually need to MAKE THE QUILT before I can do a giveaway, so don't hold your breath, but I think I can promise more of these in the future.

I've talked lately about shrinking wool sweaters to make purses--yeah, it's been all talk and no action so far, but I hope to change that soon. So while I was at the quilt shop, I picked up a package of handles. That made me start thinking about seriously looking for purses with useable handles at the thrift stores. This package of handles cost around $15--I'm positive I can do a lot better if I keep my eyes open while thrifting, but these will get me started.

Making. This is a photo of a push pin I made for my desk at work. Here's what I used to make them--

Some months back, I ordered a few packages of buttons from's Etsy shop. These are the type of buttons that have pin backs, and she makes them from illustrations in old books and other printed paper sources. Alice in Wonderland has long been a favorite, so I ordered two sets of six Alice in Wonderland buttons as well as the package of chicken buttons you see here. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them when I bought them, but the other day when I was sorting through some crafty and sewing things, I came across these large-headed quilters' thumb tacks and the idea was born. All I did was remove the "pin" part from the backs of the buttons and, using some super strength glue, glued the tacks to the inside. The same thing could be done with magnets, but Re-Conceived actually sells magnets already if you're interested in something like that.

Up at the top of this post and here below, you can see the bird bookends I made for my desk at work. After I showed them to you the other day, I added more paint and chipboard letters, and then I mounted the ceramic birds using that same glue I showed you above. I love this glue--it seems to hold everything!

The letters on one of the bookends spell out "Chirp" and the other bookend says "Fly." Hummm. "Fly." Sometimes at work, I wish I could! One more work day, though, and then the weekend's here! Just in time to get busy with the things that have been inspiring me all week! I'm glad you could stop in and visit!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

What a neat and tidy desk you have there. DId youclean it up just for us to see? Love the way you made the push pins. Nw I need a bulletin board.
So...........are you gonna meet us or not???

Louise said...

Cute bookends! Have a wonderful weekend! Don't do too much...remember to enjoy!

Thimbleanna said...

Your bookends turned out great! Your desk looks so neat -- I may have to take some inspiration and try to tidy my little area -- I have papers everywhere and it's ugly!

Colene said...

I love how the birds turned out, they are very cute. Great idea about thrifting purse handles, I'll have to keep my eye out for some myself. I think I've caught the thrifting bug.

Lauri said...

I love the 'Alice in Wonderland' pins!

I just found your blog through Michelle's, and immediately started laughing at your nude self portrait and how it is one in a series. Then I read how you are saving the economy one box at a time, and totally busted out laughing! I knew then that we have the same sense of humor!!! Reading your profile where you say you try not to take yourself too seriously, write tongue-in-cheek and, if we think you are joking you probably are...sums me up perfectly! (People who don't really know me NEVER "get" me.) I need to just steal your profile and use it for my own, except my kids are still young. And I'm in Texas. And I'm probably much, MUCH younger than you. Pppppffffttt!

Really though, I'm just glad the whole saving the economy one box at a time isn't just on me anymore. husband is, anyway!

Love your quilts and your blog! Keep it up!

i am very mary said...

The birds are the sweetest! Thanks for sharing your inspiring photos!

Chris said...

You've really inspired me to clean up and decorate my "cubicle" now. I think I'll start today and maybe do a little thrift store shopping over the weekend to see what I can find for my work area. I love the bookends. They turned out great, but then everything you do, turns out great. Have a good weekend.

Kairle said...

Your bookends look fabulous, Kim! So cute. BTW, I get my bag handles from bags purchased at the thrift shop. Much cheaper than buying them at the craft store.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Love the bookends and the goodies from the quilt stores. Keep on inspiring me!

Quilt Nut said...

love your bookends! and that prairie fabric is fabulous

sewingchick said...

First of all, I absolutely love the birdie bookends! Second, yes you will definitely be able to find some purses with handles for an awesome price OR just find the handles themselves. On three recent thrifing trips (one of which was this morning), I got brand new purse handles, two of which were brand new still in the packaging. The other time my friend and I found a baggie of eight metal "kissing clasp" purse frames, which we split. Those eight frames were a total of only three dollars! The kissing clasp photos and up and running... I still need to photograph the others and then I'll post them soon.