Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the News

It's Thursday night and I can practically taste "weekend" in the air. But not quite. Today was a WAAAAAAY busy day at work, and I only got a 15-minute lunch break--just enough time to run through the McDonald's drive-thru for a double cheeseburger and small fries, 'cause I was feeling so sorry for my overworked self. Yes, you may have noticed that about me--I seem to be going through a very self-indulgent phase right now. But at least I'm shopping at thrift stores and not Nordstrom's or Macy's!

I've barely had time this week to check out the news, but every so often as I'm cruising around the internet, some news headline on Yahoo will catch my eye. Did you see the story about tomatoes being pulled from store shelves because of a salmonella outbreak? I heard they pulled tomatoes out of stores here sometime this past week. I can pretty much do without tomatoes for a little while, unless I'm craving a little homemade salsa, but I hope the tomato/salmonella problem doesn't last too long.

Concerned, though, about the lack of tomatoes, I went outside to check my plants. Here's what I saw.

A few little green tomatoes on the cherry tomato plant.

A few little green tomatoes on the little yellow plum tomato plant.

And no photo of the big red tomato plant because there isn't even anything small and green on it yet--just leaves. So, yeah, I hope the tomato problem doesn't last too long because we aren't going to be self-sustaining, tomato-wise, for a little while yet.

Speaking of food, I think the boy-child is going to eat us out of house and home. Hubby came to ask me if I wanted a little ice cream last night. "No," I said, "There's not much left, so you go ahead and have it." Well, he came back a few minutes later to say there wasn't ANY left--the boy had eaten it. Hubby wandered off in search of some Trader Joe's vanilla wafers, only to return a few minutes later to report the boy had eaten all of those too. Finally--since we don't keep much in the way of sweets around the house anymore--hubby settled on a bowl of cereal. Only to find there was very little milk left.

Tonight I told the boy-child I was going to the grocery store. He offered to give me some money. "Sure," I said, "Just put it on the kitchen table." I found $8 on the kitchen table. Is there a thrift store for groceries? Actually, there's a canned food outlet but I'm heading to Safeway--I can only compromise so far.

And did you see THIS story about how the potency of marijuana has increased in the last few years? This was another news story that caught my eye. I guess it's not your mama's marijuana anymore, at least not according to the University of Mississippi's Potency Monitoring Project. What I want to know, though, is how do I get a job with them? Because I'm thinking monitoring marijuana potency might be a lot more fun than the job I have now.

I also have to wonder why we can grow really potent marijuana but can't manage tomatoes? Maybe the tomato growers decided to go to work for the University of Mississippi and left all the tomato growing to amateurs. Maybe my son's working for the University of Mississippi too and that's why we have no food in the house. Maybe I'd better get off the computer and go to the grocery store before Hubby starts looking for ice cream.

Thanks for stopping by! Always an education visiting my blog, isn't it?!

* * * * *

ADDENDUM: Look what I scored! Shhhhh! Don't tell--I don't want to get busted!

I wonder how many ounces constitutes a felony?


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Not quite able to restore the national upply from your garden yet1
i am quietly cursing you for all those good buying ideas, cheers, tracey

anne bebbington said...

How in all the world can you get salmonella from tomatoes I ask myself!

Anonymous said...

How funny! You have a wonderful way with words. Love to visit you every morning.
Jazzy's Mama

Melzie said...

Girl I love your blog but today you cracked me up and I had to leave a comment. So when I ventured beyond bloglines to your blog I was utterly captivated by your nude photo series! Great job ;) have a great day! xoxo melzie

Su Bee said...

Now now, Kim - put the tomatoes down and no one will get hurt. Here - have a double strength doobie & you'll be OK.
What the heck?? I also saw on the news that Canada will be charging us extra for the tomatoes we can't buy. Huh????

Julia said...

I bought some tomatoes like that, on th vine, the other day and I was absolutely astounded by the price!!! I can't wait until I can pick them off of my own plants.
You crack me up girl!!!!

Eileen said...

Yep, I bought a bunch of tomatoes that look just like that. Good enough for me in a salad. They said the ones on a vine are OK. Ya, don't you need to wash them first. ? Sure get rid of the germs on the outside. Must have been in the growing the salmonenela

Sorry, no spell check here.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about salmonella and tomatoes, but I do know that I passed an blogaward through to you!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...


Red Geranium Cottage said...

You better hide those red things!!!! The tomato police will be knockin on your door.
But they do look yummy!!!
Did you say the boy left you $8 for groceries? LMAO!!!!!

quiltygal said...

roflmao......what I want to know is .....if dope is getting more potant & is responsible for psychotic episodes why isn't Jamaica full of really mental people.????? must be that their dope is organic just my theory ....not that I spend a whole lot of time thinking about honestly

Nan said...

I think you should purchase for the boy-child exactly what his $8.00 will buy. He would be horrified...and hungry!! LOL
We (hubby and I) "scored" some tomatoes at the grocery store today. I feel sooooo naughty!! Tee hee! I don't think you can get a tomato "high", can you? Hmmmm......