Monday, June 16, 2008

The Drawer/Shelf Thing and the Thrift Store

In yesterday's post, I mentioned moving the drawer/shelf thing around the corner and into the kitchen--that's it below, the green thing with the drawers--

When I first moved this old dresser into the kitchen, I planned to have one of the men in my life build me an upper cabinet that consisted of a plate rack, a cupboard, and an open shelf. I'm still waiting. I think I have the wrong men in my life! The idea was that once that upper cabinet was built, I'd do some kind of paint treatment to both--that's why this goofy dresser is painted blue with unfinished feet and knobs (the dresser WAS my son's at one time and he decided everything in his room should be blue; I came home from work one day to find it painted). Anyway, putting the drawer/shelf piece on the wall above the dresser kind of gave me a little bit of the look I wanted, more or less--good enough for now until I find some handy men to share my life and cupboard-building dreams with.

Remember that rolling pin/massager thing I found at the thrift store? It's there in the upper left side of the photo with the small Americana quilt hung from it. One of the cherry plates is on the shelf too. Then there's that rooster plate holder--one of my finds at the Memorial Day sale. The two red plates? Tracey Porter from Goodwill for 49 cents each. The patriotic-painted angel? Goodwill. Then, of course, there's that thrifted lamp that I told you about not too long ago. The wooden apples (in the white wooden bowl) were another Goodwill discovery. The toaster oven? Target. Hey, you can't get EVERYTHING at Goodwill!

(BTW, see the cupcakes on the counter? Father's Day cupcakes! The boy child will probably have finished them by tomorrow. Unless I put them in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.)

Today I headed to Goodwill on my lunch hour, looking for cheap but handy men and other treasures. I've been admiring some of the crochet projects all of you crafty blogging gals have been doing, so I couldn't pass up the Learn to Crochet book.

"Kcenya1950" (sorry, no blog site and the comment was "noreply") commented a few weeks back about thrifting. She said her favorite part is the "crafts gone bad" section--that cracked me up and I think about it every time I'm in the "crafts gone bad" aisle! Today I found this white crochet thread as well as this blue. The blue is a wool/nylon blend, and "vintage" from the looks of it. Goodwill had a TON of it for 49 cent each. Does anyone NEED this stuff? I bought four for myself in the hopes that I might actually use it some day, but I'd be happy to go back and get more if anyone needs it--just reimburse me the cost and postage. If you're interested, please email me to work something out or I can give you more info if you need it.

When I was in the thrift store today, I heard a man talking to a woman about what kinds of things to look for that can be sold for a profit on eBay. As I was looking through the textiles, the pair came my way and the woman reached up into a pile of pillows and pulled out a silver pitcher--apparently she had stashed it there until she could do a little research and get the man's opinion. Then they excitedly peered through the doors into the back "sorting and pricing" area, pointing out potentially good stuff to one another. They pounced on the first employee to walk out, asking when more things would be coming out to be put on the shelves. The employee told the pair they were a little short-handed today and backed up, so it wouldn't be until much later in the day. I'm thinking maybe I need to go back again tomorrow. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!


Eileen said...

So you want to take up chocheting? I have lots of fine thread I could throw your way. Tried to sell a lot of it when doing the quilt shows but it's till around here some place. Came from my Dad after my step-mother passed away. She was quite a chocheter. If that is a word.

Your corner there looks neat. Guess that's where you moved your shelf? or is that what it looked like before you had help to move it?

Louise SS said...

You have a nice display in your kitchen. I sure wish we had your kind of thrift stores arond here! Maybe you could come and visit and go thrift shopping with me... that's a good business idea, dont't you think! Kim's big thrift adventure!!!

i am very mary said...

Imagine my surprise when I walked into our Salvation Army thrift shop today to learn that it was TEN CENT day. TEN CENTS. Girl, I'm embarassed to say all the crap I dragged out of that store...

Nan said...

Your kitchen wall looks lovely! I like the eclectic-ness of everything. Just like a quilt, it all comes together as a whole. Love the distressed look of the dresser.
I am going to have to visit Goodwill soon - hopefully I can find lovely treasures just like you do! I think I'll go to the "crafts gone bad" aisle first! LOL!

Vicky said...

My hat's off to you. Jane and I went to two of those places on Saturday, and they were awful! We decided we need to go to a better caliber thrift shop...oh, say, in Palm Springs? LOL. Your kitchen looks great!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Are you a thrift store stalker??? LOL!!!!
Love the blue dresser/cabinet. Your quite the thrifter these days. You just might be able to retire from your other profession.