Sunday, May 18, 2008


Lucky number 20! Whoo-hoo! Come on down! But I bet you'd like to know who number 20 is, though, wouldn't you? Well, first of all, I figured I'd explain how my extremely high tech winner-selection process works.

As each of you comment or email me, I read your message and if I like what you had to say, I move your comment or email into a special "Giveaway" file in my email box. As the time approaches for the selection of a winner, I check to see how many comments/emails I have. In this instance, I had 32 entries. I then hack off carefully cut 32 pieces of paper that are numbered 1 through 32.

With great ceremony, I select the appropriate vessel to hold the numbered, carefully cut squares of magical paper. Since we're feeling patriotic, I thought you'd all appreciate the selection of a nice red and white bowl.

I then confer upon someone special in my life the honor of selecting the winning number. In this case, it was me because the cats aren't very good at selecting winning numbers (unlike some of the pets out there in Blogland) and hubby's laying in bed with a damp washcloth across his eyes because they're itching from his allergies; he's ignoring me and half pretending to sleep as I play Hail to the Chief on my kazoo.

I then grab my own washcloth and tie it around my eyes, reach into the special bowl, and pull out a winning number. When I peek, I see it's NUMBER 20!

But that's just half the fun! Because I then go back into my "Giveaway" email file and count from oldest to newest to determine who was the 20th person to comment/email me. I usually have to count this several times because in moving from one page to another and scrolling up and down, I inevitably lose my place somewhere in the count. Sometimes I have to do this two or three times at least. And then I double check. And triple check. So, here's the winning entry:

"QuiltingFitzy has left a new comment on your post "Celebrating!": No, PICK ME, PICK ME! Love you, love your "show"!"

Ms. Fitzy, please email me your snail mail address and your full and complete name as reflected on your 2007 income tax return, and I'll put your prize in the mail to you! (And don't forget to report your winnings on your 2008 return!) Congratulations! And thanks to all of you for playing!


Eileen said...

Congradulations, Fitzy for winning those Patrotic pieces that Kim, has so graciously given away. Lucky gal.

QuiltingFitzy said...

"I want to sincerely thank the selection committee, and the generous donor who has bestowed such fine winnings. I'll cherish them all the days of my life." 8^)

Kim, you're awesome! Thank you!!!

I've got a 21yo dd in the Army, something will be made in her honor.

debijeanm said...

Congratulations to the winner. And Congratulations on the return of your new graduated daughter. We just moved one back in, too. It's an adventure!

Sherry said...

What giveaway? Boy, you snooze you lose! LOL Congrats Ms. Fitzy. I love your process of selecting the winner...LMAO Sorry hubby is suffering from allergies but feel even more for him that he has to hear Hail to the Chief on the kazoo. You are too much. LOL

Vicky said...

Congrats to Fitzy! What a great give-away, Kim! Thank you for being so generous. But I think you should deliver the prize in person and give her a private concert on the kazoo!!

BusyLittleQuilter said...

Geez! I agree with snooze you lose! lol Sharon gives her bloggy friends a week to comment! lol

Congratulations to Fitzy! A quilt to honor her daughter is such a great idea.