Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Story of My Life

Reader's Digest Condensed version. Or just a snippet that represents the whole. Whatever.

So, first of all, I came home from work tonight (something I do five nights a week) and when I headed back to our bedroom, I glanced into the Sweat Shop and nearly screamed. For a second there, I thought the burglars had come back because there was stuff all over the place! Here's a photo of my table, but I know this doesn't really give the full impact.

Some of you have mentioned that I seem to get a lot done, so I thought I'd tell you about a typical evening. Tuesday night after work, I stopped at Trader Joe's to do some shopping. I came home, put the groceries away, and cooked dinner. By the time that was done, it was maybe around 8:30 p.m. or so. I decided to check in on a few blogs, write my own, do a little online fabric "research," etc. You understand, right? Next thing I knew, it was nearly 11 p.m. and I was still playing around in front of the computer. And that's okay except originally the plan for the evening was that I'd work on the box I'm making for the Wild Child.

I was tired. I was yawning so big I was afraid I'd dislocate my jaw. So I thought maybe I'd just go take a bath and call it a night. Now, this is probably where my lifestyle and habits diverge from normal people. I was feeling a little guilty about getting nothing done on the box, so I thought I'd just go pick out the papers and things I wanted to use on the inside lid before I took a bath and went to bed. So I did. Then I did a little cutting. Then I did a little paper staining. Then I thought maybe I'd just paste a couple of the pieces. And decoupage over that. And maybe I'd try out a stamp--but that didn't work out so well. So then I came up with another plan to fix my mistake. Then I glanced at the clock and realized it was 1:15 a.m. By the time I took my bath, got in bed, got up again to find a book, got back in bed, and read for a few minutes, it was after 2 a.m.

See, that's why my favorite saying is the one over there in the sidebar: "Time becomes meaningless in the face of creativity." My motto. Well, that and, "I'd like an iced grade latte with an extra shot, please."

The box? Here's the top--I showed this back around December, so it will probably look familiar.

Here's the inside lid so far. There's actually a fair amount left to do, although the basics are there.

I'm so very sorry I sucked some of you into buying yet more fabric yesterday with my post about Debi Hubbs. Well, no, I'm NOT sorry--that's a lie. Really, who could resist a blackbird (or a crow) wearing red high heeled pumps? Oddly enough, Mary Ann (from A Very Mary Design) told me she hadn't heard of Debi Hubbs either until yesterday when she was in Big Lots and came across some address books using Debi's artwork; later she saw my blog post. Cosmic coincidence? Wanting to investigate first hand, I HAD to stop at Big Lots on my way home from work tonight. No, I didn't find any Debi Hubbs, but I DID find a few other goodies, including a refrigerator pad and a list pad with designs by Mary Engelbreit, a set of brushes ('cause I'm really HARD on brushes), a collage book (in case I ever want to know what I'm supposed to be doing), and a couple red plates. To go with my red soup bowls that Santa left me.

Too bad I didn't go to Big Lots LAST week--then I could have gotten the plates from the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately, tonight hubby wasn't quite as amused as he was when Santa brought the bowls. But really, two teeny, tiny red plates! What's the harm? And won't they look cute with my cherries? And my red high-heeled-shoe-wearing blackbirds? Of course, hubby can't get too annoyed with me. He knows I'll probably be awake WAAAAAAY later than him, and he's quite vulnerable when he's sleeping.

I haven't worked on the box tonight. It's 10:30 p.m., and I think I'll go take a bath and call it a night. Maybe.


Karrin Hurd said...

Love the collage box. I loved hearing how your creativity works and losing track if time! Same thing happens to me all the time.

Su Bee said...

ROFL! So "taking a bath and going to bed" is a euphamism? Sorta like, "seeing a man about a horse"? Amazing how time bends to do our bidding, but later always slaps us back. Must be why Man invented ad shots!

mamaspark said...

You are a nut...I think you know the rest of that. Thanks for the glimpse, and the heads up on Debi Hubbs! She is fantastic!!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so darn funny! The box is looking pretty awesome. And now I know the secret to keeping the man from getting mad at you -- I definitely need to use that on mine -- he's always whiney when I stay up late and it drives me nuts!

I AM VERY MARY said...

And our Big Lots also had ME address books! I would have LOVED the book, but I didn't see it at ours. Boo! I'll head back tomorrow to see if the Debi address books are still there and grab one of each for you;)

Nan said...

I'm amazed you can even see straight that late at night! The box is beautiful, finished or not.
I never find cool stuff like that at Big Lots - I think I need to go to the one you visit! Love the red dishes, too.