Thursday, March 13, 2008

Have You Ever . . .

changed your clothes at the end of a work day, only to find you had been walking around all day with one of those dryer sheets stuck inside your pant leg? No, no, of COURSE I've never done that! But if I had, I imagine it would have felt exactly the way it felt today.

It was the oddest feeling, and on several occasions when I could do so discretely, I touched, patted, and/or looked at the inside back of my left pant leg. Nope, nothing there. Extremely odd!

When I was standing buck naked tonight, drying off after my bath, and I had the same weird feeling, I had to conclude that it must be a muscle or a tendon or something pulling slightly along the back of my calf. Maybe I strained it quilting, 'cause that's about the most exercise I get. I sure hope it goes away soon. I expect I look kinda silly walking down the hallway at work, lifting and shaking my leg every few steps.

1 comment:

yellowfarmhouse said...

Now that's a vision, walking down the hallway - lifting and shaking your leg. Hope it's feeling better :)

Hugs - Karen