Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Little Something

Last weekend, I made a lunch sack-type bag and I wanted to show you a photo:

It's about the size of a brown paper lunch bag but much cuter! I first came across a photo of some that Screen Door Mel made HERE. Although she gave a link for the free pattern, I'll post it again: Lunch Sack Bags.

They're really quick and simple to make--two fat quarters and some heavy non-fusible interfacing is all that's required besides a button--that's for the larger of the two patterns, and that's the one I made. But what I was thinking about is wouldn't they be cute if you made some with Easter/spring fabrics, rolled the tops down, stuffed them with Easter grass, and filled them with Easter goodies for your friends and family? Something a little different than the traditional basket! And if you used fabrics that weren't strictly "Easter," they could be used later as lunch or gift bags.

I'm sure I'll be making a few more of these!


Caryn said...

I love the lunchbag - and what a great idea for Easter!

Beth said...

Your lunchbag is so cute. I saw that post too and then went to the site and copied the pattern. What a great idea for Easter. I am going to make some of these up and give them to the girls when we go on our shop hop. I was going to fill them with goodies to get everyone thru the day.

Karrin Hurd said...

Thanks for the link, I made a copy of the instructions. My granddaughter is going to love this!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love it Kim!! How cute with Easter fabric oh and could you tuck in some candy too when you make mine?? Chocolate really makes me feel better. Or jelly beans, jelly beans are good. LOL! Thanks for sharing the pattern

Sherry said...

That bag is too cute, love those fabrics together. Thanks for sharing the link.