Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blog Foolery

Most of the time, I read quilting blogs, but I do have a few non-quilting blogs on my favorites list that I like to check in on from time to time. Three of them are written by men: Waiter Rant--a blog written by--what else?--a waiter! He writes well and has a book coming out in the summer. Probably the last thing I'd want to do is serve food to people (just ask my husband!), so reading Waiter Rant gives me a peek into a different world. Then there's Somewhere on the Masthead--another well-written blog by a guy who is a magazine editor in "real life." He's married with three kids and tells some good stories, mostly about his family and his experiences. Finally, there's Cowguy over at Sawdust and Cowpies.

It seems that everyone in the world has had the awful "crud" that's making the rounds, and apparently Cowguy's been hit with it. If you've been sick, if you've taken care of someone who's been sick, or if you know someone who's been sick, you might enjoy his Ode to the Flu. Cowguy cracks me up sometimes.

And just as a side note--and this also kind of cracks me up--I swear that every time I read Cowguy's blog, my husband passes through the bedroom on his way to the bathroom and says, "Whose blog are you reading now? Oh, that cow guy's." Goodness, I almost feel guilty! Turns out, though, that from across the room, Cowguy's photo on his blog looks like my brother-in-law--or close enough to get my husband's attention. Men are funny. Which is probably one of the reasons I like to check in on a few of them from time to time.


Suzan said...

If you are looking for another good read, may I suggest "The Food Whore"? Here is her site: www.thefoodwhore.com

She makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

You're too nice. My husband is always being nosey asking me what I'm reading or who I'm emailing, it annoys the "cowpies" out of me! LOL

Cowguy said...

Hey Kim!

Thanks for the review! I could make my picture even bigger on my blog if that'll help. :-)

Thanks again,

Bren said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I always get a good chuckle here, so you are my Cow Guy!

Greenmare said...

2 posts in one day???? you are4 a blogging crazy person!