Friday, January 11, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

The other day, Marcie sent me THIS link to a List of the Day post that showcased a bunch of family studio portraits circa the 1970s/1980s or thereabouts. (And why do all those people look so familiar to me? I keep thinking I KNOW some of them, but I'm sure I must be mistaken!) If you're anywhere between the ages of, oh, say 40 and 65, tell me this: What were we thinking?! Were we really that stoned in the 70's or what? And what was the point of it being the age of free sex if we all looked like this?! Heck! It HAD to be free, 'cause no one who looks like THAT could charge! Thank goodness hair stylists have gotten a whole lot better, too! Or maybe it's just that my eyesight's gotten so much worse.

And just in case that wasn't quite funny enough for you--or if you need to get some of those portrait images out of your mind--check THIS List of the Day post. For some sophomoric reason, foreign translations just seem to crack me up!

I'll leave you with this old photo of me--here's what I looked like on June 29, 1980.

This was right after my audition with the rock band KISS. I almost got the gig, but they found out I don't play a musical instrument, can't sing, am tone deaf, and have absolutely no sense of rhythm. They kind of liked the make-up though, but they didn't think the nose quite worked, and apparently my tongue's not long enough. Boy was I devastated! But at least I didn't have a mullet.


Angie said...

What a riot!! ROFLMAO!!!!

Cowguy said...

I just discovered the daily list folks a couple of weeks ago, I agree, totally ruins me.

re: your picture.

That Boones Farm Strawberry Hill sure was good for a cheap buzz eh?


Linda said...

Lol what a hoot. I loved the english one, and I should know by now not to read any of your posts with a full cup of tea in hand.

Patti said...

Hysterical! Even more hysterical is that we have several of those pictures here! I think Olan Mills must have produced membership books for every church congregation in the world. Family photos aren't much better - I look at pictures of Fred and can't believe he went out of the house like that. We lived in the sticks an hour or more from a barber so I cut his extremely curly hair with my sewing scissors. I'd take the "rake" and fluff it out all over his head, and then trimmed it off carefully - sort of like trimming a bush in one's front yard - so he once again had a smooth brillo pad look with shorter sideburns. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

susanm said...

Dont we all love to go down memory lane. Especially when we get to quilting, you know the first is: What are you busy with and the next is How huge is your stash and also how long have you been quilting.Just love those. Take care

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, you are a dag....was that clown pic the one you were a little bit pregnant in? Explains everything!!!
I have nominated you for make my Day Award as well....even if it is only because your freezer system is just like mine!!
No, not really, lots of other reasons, tracey

Erin said...

OMG! I love it! YOu are a great fun person!!!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG is this your mug shot????? Or is this on your passport??

Kim said...

No, I have no passport--no other country will allow me in! This photo was from Glamour Shots--I think they did a good job, don't you? You should see what I normally look like, when I first get up in the morning!