Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doing My Part to Save The World

I hope you know by now that I wouldn't ask you to go out and stimulate the economy if I wasn't willing to make the same sacrifices, right? I think that sharing my purchases with you might take a couple days, so let's get started, alright?

First, I'll show you something that's not actually a new purchase, but DID lead to a new purchase.

My thoughts are turning to spring and Easter (hence the floral offering at the top of this entry), so I pulled out these printed cotton bunny squares I had purchased awhile back. I'd really like to find a project to use them in, so I took them with me to the quilt shop today only to find that the fabric line I liked best with these is Moda's Chelsea Boutique fabrics. Since I have a whole pile of these fabrics in my stash, I left the quilt shop without buying anything for this particular quilt. I DID buy some fat quarters and a pattern, but I'll have to tell you about those tomorrow--I wasn't able to get very good photos with the indoor artificial light.

The bunny blocks got me thinking--and buying--though. A company called Olde America Antiques sells these printed blocks, panels, and block sets. All of their printed images are taken from vintage postcards, posters, and such. I have some vague plans to make a patriotic Americana quilt and I found a printed center panel I liked, so I ordered it. They make these in all sizes, and the one I chose is 12" by 18". Check them out by clicking on their name if these vintage images interest you. They print these on cotton and the squares come backed with removable paper. The instructions suggest washing in cold water with a mild detergent and air drying when you need to wash whatever project you use them in. They have blocks arranged by subject matter, so if you like chickens, for example, you can easily find chicken images that would interest you. When I ordered today, I appeared to me they sell and ship internationally--something that may be of concern if you live outside the US.

Here's another other "ingredient" to my vague Americana quilt idea:

Marcie posted on her blog the other day that she was looking for some Moda flag fabric, and someone left a comment that Thousands of Bolts had the fabric. Being a long-time customer and liking that flag fabric, I had to run right over and take a look. And shop. Yes, indeed I did! I've mentioned Thousands of Bolts before, but if you missed it and/or are unfamiliar with the shop, check it out. The prices are fabulous, although the fabric's older--usually from lines that sold a few years back. Of course, if you're looking for a piece of fabric to go with some you bought several years ago and are now finding that you need more, that's always a good place to start looking.

Here are my purchases from that little key poking expedition:

More Americana stuff, in this first photo!

I thought the fabrics on either side were interesting as potential totes. The one on the left is actually a heavier woven. The center fabric--well, I don't know, but it looked happy, so I said it could live with me.

I like this for a border fabric, but I have no particular plans for it--the crisp wood cut look to the print just appealed to me.

Oh, and of course I had to purchase some "fuel" for the Sweat Shop. Or, more accurately, the fuel is for ME when I'm hard at work in the Sweat Shop. These are apparently new at Trader Joe's and looked pretty good. I'll have to try them out one day soon!

And, like the tulips at the top, these daffodils are another Trader Joe's purchase. The tulips and daffodils brighten up my life--I hope you enjoy looking at them too!


Darlene said...

Whew! You did so well that now I'm off the hook! LOL

Actually, I did visit my LQS again today for backing fabric for another quilt.

So, I did a little. teehee

Su Bee said...

Good work! You're clearly a dedicated citizen! The tulips and daffys are like a breath of fresh air - yep, I think Spring is coming. I worked on the deficit a little today too - and now I have to go check out the Old American Antiques because those bunny panels are too cute!

Eileen said...

Ah, a breath of spring, We need it here in the East as Spring is a long way off.

Carol said...

I expect to see the Stock Market go flying up tomorrow with the way you were stimulating the economy! You are a true patriot! Stand tall, Stand proud!

Linda said...

Glad to see you did your bit for the economy. What a great site that Olde America Antiques is, I think I could do some serious damage to sh credit card

Idaho Quilter said...

i coulda went all day without checking into the Olde America Antiques web site,(chuckle) Wow they have neat stuff, I have already placed an order. Thanks for the tip.

Marcie said...

Oh you did find some fabric at 1000 Bolts, didn't you! That border fabric is nice. I know you will think of something wonderful to do.

Nan said...

I am loving every piece of fabric I'm seeing displayed all over your blog, but you REALLY got my attention with the 100 calorie chocolate bars! Wowee!! If it's Trader Joe's, it's got to be good, right? I'm waiting to hear your verdict........