Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hurray for the Post Office! Boo for the Phone Company!

Well, not really "boo" for the phone company, but you'll understand what I mean when I tell you my husband came home from work yesterday (Friday) to find all of our telephones were dead. Surprisingly enough, our internet line is still working, and that to me is the important one! He placed a call for service and I think they're supposed to come out today, but since it's all automated voicemail, there's really no way to tell for sure. Still, fewer telephone interruptions mean I can get a little more done, and you all know I have lots to do!

I love the post office! I sent a few things out by mail on Wednesday and most all of them were received on Friday, including a three-pound box I sent across country to my friend Eileen! The gal in our office mail room tried to convince me to send the box UPS ground with guaranteed delivery by next Wednesday, but I knew the post office service between me and Eileen was pretty good, so I went with good old USPS and was rewarded for my loyalty when they delivered it in two days. How's that for service?!

Yesterday we had our office staff Christmas party/lunch/gift exchange. The gift I brought was a book Tazzie mentioned sometime ago called Porn for Women and a big chunk of chocolate from Starbucks. Porn for Women is pretty funny--it's not "real" porn but has photos of nice looking men doing things like cleaning house and cooking gourmet meals. I ended up bringing home these two "lanterns" that use votive candles--I really like these and I'm even thinking about what I can do to them in an altered art kind of way. That's a project for after the holidays, though!

I can show you, now, the journal I made for Eileen since she's received it and opened it. Silly me sent it off without taking a photo, but Eileen was nice enough to send me one so I could share. I wanted to make something different for her, and besides quilting, I know she loves the nature that surrounds her in her mountain home, and she makes sure she keeps the birds fed through the winter months. So I thought I'd make her a journal with a bird theme. She can use the journal to write in if she wants or to put photos of her quilts in--it's full of blank pages.

Today, after I've refilled my coffee cup, I'm heading into the Sweat Shop to work on piecing a quilt top that's a gift for someone. I finally finished cutting a gazillion red and white strips last night, so they're all ready to sew into braids. If I can manage to stay on my mental schedule, I'll be pinning this baby sometime tomorrow and getting started on the quilting. I hope this is a reasonable expectation, because otherwise, I'm screwed! LOL!

Perhaps my first project after the holidays will be to make a few pillow covers that say "BUY CHRISTMAS GIFTS!" and scatter them throughout the house as a reminder. From the comments left on my last post, I know I'm not the only one who does this, but there are so many other things I'd rather be doing right now! But it's back to work for me--as they say, no rest for the wicked!


Mar said...

Oh that red and white braid is going to be yummy!!! The journal is a keepsake that Eileen will cherish!

Eileen said...

I'll remind you next year to buy-buy-buy - OK

But you won't feel right not making something to give away. Don't you do that all the time?

Neat stack of reds and whites.

Anonymous said...

I think the easy and fast part, in most cases, is putting the top together. It's the pinning for quilting I hate the most. I have this quilt for my mom that I finished on Thanksgiving day in a couple of hours, but I still have not finished it, and I just realized Christmas is next week! ARHG!!!!

That braid quilt is going to be gorgeous. I like that pattern a lot. I have it pegged for a future project.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That journal is great Kim. You did a nice job and I love your lanterns. Can't wait to see what you do to them.
For next Christmas, just start after the holidays and make something each month and you'll be set. Uh no I didn't do that. LOL!!!

Jeanne said...

The journal was a neat idea, Kim. The stacks of reds and whites are great, too.

Erin said...

I love the journal! the reds and whites are great, send them my way if they get in the way!

Nan said...

That journal is wonderful, Kim! It is the perfect gift for Eileen.
The red and white fabric is lovely - I am looking forward to seeing this "peppermint" quilt finished!