Sunday, November 4, 2007

Teeny Tiny Blocks

Remember these teeny, tiny blocks?

I made a bunch of them--40-something, I think. From my strip set left overs, I also cut these pieces--I'm not sure how I'll set them, but I think I'd better do something with them soon, before a breeze comes along and blows these little things away!

Anyway, I have enough of the 9-patch blocks to make two small toppers. I finished the first one using a diagonal set of 25 blocks. I think it turned out pretty cute! Funny, though, to realize I could have made a "normal" size top in the same amount of time!

Someone asked me about the fabric line I was using--Charleston III by Judie Rothermel. The small and large borders are from other fabrics--I'm not sure what lines they are as I just had fat quarters with no printing on the selvage edge. Anyway, just one charm pack of 40 squares produced all these little 9-patch blocks and the other little rail fence-type blocks. And I still have strips left from most of the charm squares, so I'll probably use those in something else. Thank goodness most of my quilts aren't this small, or I'd NEVER use my stash!

Did everyone on Daylight Savings Time here in the US remember to set their clocks back? I'm so glad it's finally that time--getting up in the morning in the dark the last couple weeks has been rough! Now we all just have to adjust to the new time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Absolutely gorgeous, you are too clever. Love the colours, tracey

Sharon said...

Those are the cutest block ever. I love a 9 patch block but the tiny ones are tooooo cute. Love the colors too. Cute little quilt you did there.

Darlene said...

Very, very cute! You've been busy!

No, I didn't set my clock back! We don't change our clocks on the surface of the sun! teehee

tami said...

I was away at a friends this weekend and got home at about 4:45 pm. DH had forgotten all about the time change and was very confused because the Patriots football game that was supposed to have started at 4:15 hadn't started yet. I hadn't thought to mention it since it is all over the news, but I guess he was so busy last week he didn't hear. :-D
I just LOVE your quilt. Those are some of my favorite fabrics and I think little quilts have so much character.

Vicky said...

I should have waited until after the time change to get the new QuiltMobile. Now I'll have to actually read the manual. (sigh)

Those tenintsy blocks are darling. And small! Way to stash bust! ROFLOL.

Love your topper! Good job!

Nan said...

Love the topper - it's beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with the other blocks.
I remembered about the clocks, but my body is still on the old time. I woke up way too early this morning!