Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Quilt Show Report

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a photographer nor do I pretend to be. In fact, I'm pretty lame when it comes to the camera arts.

Okay, so that being said, I'll also warn you that I completely forgot to take photos at the show until we were ready to leave. I knew I couldn't let all of you down, so I scurried back to a couple quilts I liked and snapped a couple quick photos.

This first one is a string quilt. Since I've been blogging, I've been looking at the lovely string quilts so many of you have made. Tracey made one that particularly appealed to me because the strings were all in the same color family. I also liked the one above for the same reasons--all the strings are in reds with a bit of orange and yellow thrown in for excitement. The other thing I liked about this one is that at several places in the black sashing, there are a series of red circles. Click to expand this one if you can't see them--hopefully that will work. It's a bit unexpected and I think it really lifts the quilt above the average string quilt.

This second one--well, I thought the use of a colorful striped fabric as a background and then the more solid appearing fabrics for the design was kind of neat--something I wanted to remember. The bright colors don't appeal to me too much, but I like the design idea behind it. It's really a striking quilt.

Finally, for overall design, I really liked this third one. All those tiny baskets are paper pieced. I voted for this one to receive Viewer's Choice.

The funny thing was that Jacquie was trying to see where the quilt maker had quilted those basket blocks and had reached out to touch the quilt. Well, we know you aren't allowed to touch quilts, but being a new quilter, Jacquie had forgotten. Just as I was telling her not to touch, the quilt maker came up. I think she was a little bugged, but she was reasonably gracious about it and explained her quilting to Jacquie.

I'm having quilt show withdrawals today. I'd like to go back. There was a vendor with a whole basket full of red and white FQs of many different prints but all in the same shades of red and white. I'd love to make a red and white quilt. Should I go back and look again? Maybe!

I'm also thinking that there are two local quilt shops I'd like to stop at. One has some fabric on their 50% off table that I've been eyeing from afar. I think it might possibly be from the Sanctuary line and since I won that FQ bundle from the Calico Horse (and did you see Donna's post today, saying she's put it in the mail?!), I think I could use a little more of the fabric for borders, don't you? Of course, with my luck it won't be from that line at all, but it sure is pretty and who can beat 50% off?

The other shop has the line of fabric from that kit I bought yesterday. The line is called Ellery by Marcus Brothers. I've been eyeing that fabric too. Okay, I've actually even petted it a few time--it's a beautiful line of fabric! You know, chances of me making up that kit exactly as the pattern shows are pretty slim, so I just might need a bit more of the fabric. I'm not too crazy about the sections with all the simple patches, although I love the appliqued center and corner blocks.

Today my plan was to clean house and try to finish the meandering quilting on my son's Halloween quilt. Do you think I'll stick to my plan, or will I toss aside my hermit ways, put on make-up, do my hair, and head out for a little more retail therapy? I'll let you know the answer tomorrow. I also have a quilt show story to tell you about from a few years back. See you then!


Eileen said...

Now who is the one running around. Ge, More fabric . EEK!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm voting for more retail therapy!Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

mar said...

I hope you went! I'm fighting the same urge, there is a show in Antioch I'm tempted to go to, but need to work on the P projects!

Marcie said...

Oh Kim you must definitely go back and get more red! You can never have too much red in my book! Sounds like you are having a great time!

Carole said...

You know, at least you remembered to bring your camera! I didn't hence why you have no pictures of our guild's show! Whatever you decide, have a great day! Thanks for sharing!

Bren said...

Those are beautiful pictures, photography included...very clear! I really like the first quilt and I don't know why...they are not my colors, nor my style of pattern...hmmmm menopause can change a lot of things.

atet said...

My vote is for retail therapy. But then, my vote is ALWAYS for retail therapy :0).

Nan said...

I am behind in my blog reading, as usual! Those quilts are truly gorgeous, and I think your photos are well done!