Thursday, October 18, 2007


I don't seem to have a lot to say tonight. Or at least no specific topic comes to mind. My friend Eileen says I often write about nothing, like the cramp in my toe. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

So I thought that I'd just meander a bit tonight from one thing to the next. Stuff I thought I'd follow up on. The 10-can-soup, for instance. Monday night when I went to get the soup out to heat for dinner, I noticed a smaller plastic container of the soup was gone. This was odd because my husband had told me what he was taking for his lunch that day, and it wasn't soup. "Honey," I called into the living room, "what happened to that other container of soup? Did you decide to have it for lunch?" Well, no, not exactly. He decided to take it to work because he wanted Gene and Oscar, two of the guys at work, to taste it so they could be envious. Men are kind of funny, aren't they? But the point is, if you're thinking about what to cook this weekend, you might consider a crockpot full of that soup. It's been approved by at least three men that I know of.

My toe. My toe feels okay. And that cold never materialized. I either fought it off or it was just a nasty allergy thing. Historically, I'd say 8 out of 10 years, I catch a cold just about this time of the year. Some might blame it on the change of weather, but usually in October, our weather is still pretty nice, so that doesn't really explain it. But I DO have allergies, so I think that's probably what was wrong with me the other night. Nothing that winning a bundle of Moda fabric couldn't cure! And thanks for all the cold suggestions--I'll keep them handy because you never know when you just might need a medicinal reason for champagne and OJ.

I've been in a bit of a funk this week. Not just a quilting funk, although that's been affected too. I just haven't seemed to have a lot of energy to play around in the Sweat Shop--or the enthusiasm. I think part of it is because the next little task I'd set for myself was to piece a back for the Christmas quilt I pieced last weekend, and I couldn't seem to muster up a lot of excitement over piecing the back of a quilt. I FINALLY got that done tonight, though, and hope to pin the quilt this weekend, weather permitting. Since the only place I have that's large enough to set up two tables is the patio, rain will definitely put a damper on my pinning plans! My online group was talking about what part of making a quilt we liked least, and I couldn't really think of anything at the time. Now I have--piecing a back! What's your least favorite part? (Do I sound like Darlene?!)

This weekend my local quilt guild is having their annual show, and I plan to go over there tomorrow during my lunch hour. I'll try to remember to take my camera and get a couple photos to share. I don't have anything in the show this year, so I can just enjoy all the other quilts and visit the vendors. I was the guild's vendor coordinator a couple years back, so some of these vendors will be like long lost friends! That should be fun. Too bad they're not like long lost friends who give huge discounts though! There's one vendor I look forward to visiting every year--she carries hand dyeds, and they're hard to get around here otherwise. I hope she's there again!

Oh, remember that dead grass in the front yard that I showed you a few weeks back? After all that hard work of trying to kill it off all summer, all it took was a couple rain showers to turn the darn thing green again. Sort of. Sort of green in patches and brown in others. Of course, I was somewhat skeptical that my husband and my son would get around to digging it out and putting in a new sprinkler system and lawn this month anyway, so it's probably just as well. I'm sure the neighbors are delighted.

Not much else happening at Casa Kim tonight (except for slightly mounting excitement at the thought that the weekend's almost here), so I'll say good night and try to get my beauty sleep. I hope it's better than last night. Last night I half woke up to the sound of one of our cats trying to gag up a hairball somewhere relatively close by. Twice. Of course, I didn't wake up enough to get up and investigate. And can I just say that getting up when the alarm goes off in the morning and it's still fairly dark sucks, especially when you know you might possibly step on a hairball in the dim light of dawn? Yet another reason why I'm not much of a morning person. As if I needed another reason!


Darlene said...



Linda said...

Oh dear, sounds rather I dislike pinning out the quilt, only because my back doesn't like to go along for the thrill of it

mar said...

I'd have to say by the looks of my cabinet, I don't like the quilting part, love to piece and plan,and even do the backing and binding.I need another job so I can afford to hire a quilter!!

Nan said...

I think I dislike quilting a quilt the most. Piecing the backing isn't all that exciting, either, come to think of it!
I'm looking forward to seeing pics from the quilt show, too!
Don't you love the sound of a an animal gagging in the middle of the night? Yuck!

Sharon said...

I think you better snap out of the funk. And don't you hate it when you try to kill grass and it comes back beautiful. Guess it's time to move the Buick out of the front yard if the grass is green again. Have fun at the quilt show. And glad you didn't catch a cold. I've had allergy problems for the past few weeks.

Vicky said...

Well, Seinfeld made a fortune off a TV show about nothing -- so maybe you're onto something here!

I hate piecing backings, too! Really really really hate it! I usually bribe myself with a trip to the quilt shop when it get one finished! :)

Glad you're not sick!! Maybe the quilt show will be a good dose of inspiration and motivation for you!