Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to a New Blogger!

One of my friends from my online group, Kristie, started a blog today, and it just happens to be her birthday too! Go on over there and say "hi."

My online group is a Thimbleberries group, and Kristie is the "go to" gal whenever any of us needs information about Thimbleberries. In fact, Kristie has attended each and every Thimbleberries retreat at the Main Street Cotton Shop for the last several years and will be going again this September. Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries calls Kristie the Thimbleberries historian--I think Kristie knows and remembers more Thimbleberries information and history than Lynette does!

Kristie will be joining in our Hometown Christmas project and is making the quilt half sized. She has a head start on the rest of us but isn't done yet and plans on adding all of the applique--she seems to think we'll catch up to her before too long. And, if you look at her list of all the quilts she's in the process of making or collecting fabric for, she may be right!

Welcome to Blogland, Kristie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Pat said...

I think Kristie is making the full size version and using her scraps to make a pint size version too.

Maybe she'll share the top of another Thimbleberries B.O.M. that she's don't half size!


Vicky said...

Whoa! That Kristie is serious about her T'berries! Definitely the go-to gal! She seems delightful. It'll be fun watching her spread her blogger wings and fly!

Carol said...

Thanks Kim for introducing us to Kristie...she'll keep us all motivated.