Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Follow-Up

I write this knowing full well I'll probably never hear the end of it from Sharon over at Red Geranium Cottage. Goodness knows I gave her a hard enough time in my comments to this post where she said she and her husband had barbecued frozen hamburger patties. So, of course, I thought about just not saying anything, but then I thought NAH! This is too good to not share! Anyway, last night I barbecued these Chile Lime Chicken Burgers, and boy were they good! These were one of the things I picked up at Trader Joe's the other night. Yes, I'm sure there must be a way to make homemade chile lime chicken burgers, but I don't have a recipe handy and these were convenient. If you're watching calories, fat, or just want to eat reasonably healthy food and have a Trader Joe's nearby, try them! We topped ours with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and pepper jack cheese. Sorry I couldn't get a photo of the real thing for you, but we were just too darn hungry! So, all I have to show you is the box!

I got everything done and checked off my "to do" list yesterday, including playing around with the Scaredy Cat charm packs. I decided I just wanted to make a simple tabletopper to put on the low chest of drawers in the kitchen, so snowball blocks seemed right--just big enough to show off the fabric a bit but nothing fancy. I finished making the blocks last night and got the top together today:

The border fabric is a vintage-looking Halloween print, From The Collection of Edelen Wille for Marcus Brothers. I think one of my next projects will be getting it quilted. It will give me a chance to play around with my Juki once more and see if I can get it working--if not, into the shop it will go! I really want to get "the monster" done, but it occurred to me to wonder whether it might just be the thread that was giving me fits, so quilting this little topper will give me a chance to try it out.

I was chatting today with Vicky at LA Quilter who mentioned she had dug out a Thimbleberries kit for the Hometown Christmas quilt that came out a couple of years back. I think I'm going to dig out my kit too and work on it along with her. This is a quilt I really liked a lot when it came out but never felt like I had the time to sit down and do it. I think we'll just do a couple blocks a month and see how it goes. There are some cute blocks in that pattern that I've always wanted to use in other, smaller projects too. So maybe I can whip up a couple tablerunners and such along with making the blocks for the main quilt. Coincidences are funny--I just mentioned this particular quilt to Patti over at Quilting is My Passion yesterday when we were talking about quilt shops up in her area. I had been to one on vacation and they had the Hometown Christmas quilt made and hung just inside the door. So, maybe it's meant to be that the quilt be made now with all these coincidences--it certainly IS about time! I'll post a photo in the next week or two of what the quilt will eventually look like.

Back to work tomorrow. But, in the meantime, back to the Sweat Shop for the rest of the day!


Sharon said...

OMG!!!!! Say it isn't so. You Miss Julia Child wanna be, have lowered yourself to preparing frozen burgers?? I can not believe what I just read. I will have you know that I made a homemade dish tonight. I'll be taking a picture of it for you cause I know you won't believe me. LOL!!!! I'm sorry did I hear a "I'm sorry Sharon" for all the commenting about your burgers??? Say it a little louder please so all can hear. Louder....

Sharon said...

Ok, now for some real business. PKM told me that they have kits for that rabbit quilt so if you want one. Let her know.
Also I too have a Hometown Christmas quilt kit. WOO HOO Maybe I'll play along with you guys. I have always wanted to make it but didn't have time when I had the shop. Can I please???

Nan said...

Now that Sharon's had her say - LOL - I thought I'd add my 2 cents. Those burgers look delish, and they're almost homemade because they're from Trader Joe's, right?
Love your quilt top - it's adorable! You do such beautiful work!

Patti said...

Oh Kim, I can't believe you got that entire top pieced already! Marvelous progress! And such a great use of those fabrics. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

There are so many things I want to do - but I can't seem to stop making these MAM blocks. I guess I'm still obsessing about getting them done. I STILL didn't get upstairs to quilt those customer quilts!

QuiltMom said...

You do tell such interesting stories- Life is never boring to you and that is the best way to be- Your Halloween quilt is very cute - I can't really tell the colors as our modem connection is a bit wacko right now so everything is very blue :) We are waiting for a new part so my son can work his computer magic.
Have a great week with your "kids".
Keep on seeing the funny side of life- Its great for your heart!!
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

Automaton said...

The picture of food look very yummy. I like the scary quilt. The snowball blocks make your quilt look kool on the table! ha ha ha! I think you should make Hometown kit with Ms. Sharon. She has nice geraniums on her blog. Perhaps she quilts too! She certainly buys lots of stuff. Thank you for writing on a blog. I see no letters for robots, you are not scared of robots posting comments! Thank you!

Carole said...

Oh, I love that border fabric. I went to Yankee Pride today for some quilting therapy and saw it in black. Had it been in white I would have purchased it in a heart beat. I was a good girl today. Didn't even buy much! Even went to the Bernina dealer to seriously look at the 730E. You know, I was a tad dissapointed. Have fun with your Timbleberries' kit. Ya know, I just don't see Sharon, the bag lady, as a Thimbleberrie's type of gal. But hey, what do I know! Keep well!

Vicky said...

Oh, great, Kim! You had to go and announce to the world that we were going to do this quilt. Now Sharon is going to join us. And everyone will be watching! Pressure's on!!!! LOL

Those burgers look great - no matter what Sharon says! Minimal cooking time - perfect! Oh, wait, do I have a kitchen? Oh, yeah, it came with the condo.

Just tell me when we've got to start this thing. Sharon and I decided that you're going to be the fearless leader on this project. It was your bright idea after all! :)