Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Husband and the Diet

For several reason, it's been decided around here that my husband and I should both start eating healthier and lose some weight. For me, I've always been overweight. I've been on diets, lost weight, and eventually it creeps back on. Part of it, I know, is that I'm not physically active enough. I don't much like to sweat, for one thing. For another, I'd rather sit in front of my sewing machine and quilt. For a third, I get paid pretty good money to sit in front of a computer all day. As I get older, though, I realize that eating healthier and taking off some of the weight will make me feel a lot better--body parts just don't seem to work like they used to, and I seem to be developing aches and pains in places I never even thought twice about before.

What really pushed me into a diet, though, is that in doing a little basic medical research in connection with a lawsuit I've been working on, I came across some information that in the last few years, they've found that a fair percentage of women with the same hormonal-based "syndrome" I have become insulin resistant, and that leads to Type 2 diabetes. So, yeah, I don't really want that to happen to me.

For my husband, he has his own health issues that would be greatly improved if he lost some weight. More recently, though, he had a blood test that showed he was a bit low on his "good" cholesterol levels and, although his overall cholesterol levels are okay, some other test results led his doctor to recommend he cut back on fat.

So, with both of us looking at some good reasons to take off the pounds, on Monday night I went through some of my diet cookbooks and came up with some recipes for the next week or two. I made up a grocery list. Tuesday night I hit the grocery stores (Trader Joe's AND Safeway) and cleaned out some of the less healthy things around the house. We would start actually DIETING on Wednesday!

So Wednesday came, and I had a quilt club meeting after work and my husband had an appointment for a mechanic friend of ours to do some work on his van. As I left for work that morning, I told my husband he was on his own for dinner and would need to find some reasonably healthy food around the house or get something while he was out but nothing like a burger or other high fat foods. Fine. We were all set.

On my way to my quilt club meeting, I stopped at McDonalds--the only convenient stop between work and the quilt shop--for a grilled chicken sandwich, hold the mayo please! (Do you know they're now using honey wheat rolls for those? All the better!) Oh, yeah, and a plain iced tea. So, for 360 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, I was reasonably happy.

Later that night, my husband got home about 20 minutes after I did, carrying with him the "diet" food he had picked up on the way home. What do you suppose he chose? I looked in the bag, and lo and behold, there was a large paper tray filled to the top with French fries. On top of that were three fairly large breaded and fried fish filets. His justification? Well, isn't fish HEALTHY? And, of course, he was quick to tell me the restaurant uses unsaturated fat to fry the fish in!

This morning, I was up early, packing my husband's breakfast and lunch, something I NEVER, EVER do. I'm not a morning person. In fact, I can't even remember what I packed for him, but I do know it was a lot better than anything he would have packed for himself. I think this diet thing is going to be harder than I thought! Either that, or I'm going to have to find myself a good life insurance agent and take out a LARGE policy on my husband. OMG, the man is obviously diet challenged!

Well, now I'm off to pack his breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. I'm hoping after a few weeks of seeing the kinds of things that make up a good breakfast and lunch, he'll get the hang of it.

Author's Note: No, that's not him up there in the photo at the top. I just didn't really want to post a photo of a half naked fat woman, which seemed the most popular image search result!


Carol said...

My Andy can justify most anything! YUP, fish is trans fats...keep working with him. We've been at this diet thing for a while now, well I guess since Jan and he is really good now. Even checks the labels on things in the grocery store.

Judy said...

We've doing the same thing here - trying to change the way we eat but not necessarily saying we're on a "diet". Good luck to you two.

Michelle said...

Dieting, Yuck! But, unfortunately, a necessary evil.

Sharon said...

DIET??? What is that?? I hate that word. It makes me nervous to hear it. I try and try to eat right but never stick with it. I was just complaining tonight about my bloating stomach. LOL!!!!

Su Bee said...

Your can do it! You have to eat anyhow, right? So you eat the right stuff and go on to more interesting pasttimes. Easy for me to say, huh? That's my story an' I'm stickin to it. It's my mantra, and it really did work on my head after a couple of weeks -- Go for it!

Kairle said...

Sounds like our DHs go to the same diet support group. They have the exact same mentality! lol!