Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hometown Christmas Project!

Several years ago, I won the Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas books and bought the kit to make the quilt. That same year, while on a vacation my husband and I took up to Oregon, we ventured across the river into Washington, and there in Vancouver we saw the quilt made up and hanging. Boy, was that a thing of beauty, or what?! I wanted nothing more than to drive home and make it! But things happened. For one thing, I got the flu. On vacation. The REAL flu--the kind where you think you'd feel better if you were just dead and figure that might not be too far off because you can't breathe real well anyway. Then there was my local guild's quilt show and several other projects to get finished. Then there was Christmas. And another Christmas. And another. You get the idea!

So, flash forward a few years, and the other day Vicky mentioned that she'd been going through her small, tiny bit of stash and found the Hometown Christmas kit. I don't know if you've been following Vicky lately (no, I don't mean in a stalking sort of way) but she's been getting into the block of the month groove. I think that finding she already had one right there without having to exercise her fingers, poking in an order on her keyboard in the middle of the night, was probably kind of fun! In any event, Vicky decided she was going to start this project, and I asked if I could join in. When I wrote about it on my blog about a week ago, Sharon asked if she could play along too. Well of course you can, Ms. Sharon! So, now there are three of us. Does anyone else want to join us? We'd love to have you!

The books are written so you complete a section at a time, rather than a block. A section is usually a large block with a couple smaller blocks or, in some cases, it might be just a larger, longer block. Our plan is to complete a section by the 15th of each month and another section by the end of the month. We think we should have the quilt done in about six months.

If the quilt interests you and you don't already have a kit and/or books, you might check out eBay. Having the books (there are four) is really key because you can use stash fabric or buy new--you don't have to track down the original kit. Or fake it! If you are good with block design, you may be able to design your own blocks similar to the ones you see us working on with your own twists. I'll post photos of what each section is supposed to look like before we begin that section. The quilt is a queen size, by the way--most of the larger Thimbleberries quilts are. There are appliqued holly leaves around one border, but there are two versions--one with the applique and one without--so you can chose the one that most appeals to you.

I'm going to set up a links area in my sidebar that lists the blogs of the gals working on this project. I also have some other friends who don't have blogs but who want to work on it as well, and I may post some photos of their sections as we go. Please let me know if you want to try this project, so I can add your blog to my sidebar. We'll get started on this at the beginning of September, so the first section will be completed by September 15th. I do hope you'll join us, but even if you can't, please visit us and watch our progess--I know we'll LOVE the encouragement!


Vicky said...

So okay! We're committed!! I read through the first booklet last night, and it's definitely do-able in two weeks' time. Just hope I don't get behind doing quarter end finanicals! Nope, not even going to hint about that! I can do this!

Thanks, Kim, for putting together this project. Having to report progress will keep us all accountable - or at least me! And the stash room will have one less thing in it!! LOL

You rock, Kim! Truly!

Linda said...

Kim I'd love to join you on this quilting adventuure, but my dh would have a fit if I bought the books. Do you think it would work using EQ5, and if so would you be able to give us the measurements of the sections?

Darlene said...

OK, first of all I'm ROFLOL because you said that Vicky has a "tiny bit of stash" yeah, right! LOL I'm going to be snickering about that one all day.

I'd love to join in but I do not own those books nor the kit so I'll be here on the sidelines cheer you guys on! :-)

Linda Z said...

I would like to join you, but would only do mine 1/2 size. Was the original all Xmas fabrics? I don't have a lot of TB Xmas and I made a vow today to quit buying fabric and use what I have. LOL!

Pat said...

I don't have the books, only some of the fabrics and I'll be setting mine a little differently *I think*!?! Other than that.. mine will be EXACTLY like the original...then again... maybe not. LOL! ;-)

Sharon said...

Ok, so what are we doing each month by the 15th and how much do I have to get busy on. And oh by the way,I'm leaving on Wed. and will be gone for two weeks so I am already gonna miss the 15th deadline. CRAP!!! Ok, dont you worry Mz KIMMERS I'll catch up to you girls upon my arrival.
This is gonna be fun. I saw the quilt fnished at Lynnettes store in MN. a year ago. It was absolutely beautiful. I've always wanted to do this and now it will be fun with all of you.

Vicky said...

Oooooo, this is gonna be fun!!! :)

Nan said...

I love the quilt, and also love the idea of being part of a group project - and WHAT a group it is!! - but, I have too much on my plate, darn it! I will be gone for 2 weeks next month anyhoo. Thanks for the invite, but I will be a cheerleader on the sidelines this time. You go, girls!!! RAH! RAH! RAH!

Michele said...

I'm with you Kim . . . I can't wait to get started! Just got to get these kids back to school and I'll be off!