Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting Older

What do you call a person who injures themselves? I was thinking masochist, but that’s not really right because I don’t hurt myself for pleasure, nor am I a willing participant.

I think it all started about eight years ago–something like that anyway. I was getting dressed for work, putting on my pantyhose, when I threw my lower back out. It took a couple doctor visits, some good, strong prescription medications, a lot of ice, and about two weeks of pain before I recovered. To this day, I have an unreasonable fear of pantyhose.

Getting older means we’re not quite as pliant and limber as we once were. I remember a woman I work with talking about taking up Yoga a few years ago, when she was my age. Now I understand.

The other day I pulled a muscle in my mid back when I sneezed. Who knew sneezing could be dangerous? As I felt the sneeze coming on, I turned away from whatever I was doing, and in the act of turning, I felt a tremendous pain in my back. It was so painful in fact that the sneeze never happened–I guess the sneeze was just scared out of me. And here it is, nearly three days later and my back still hurts if I move a certain way.

I was telling the same woman who took up Yoga that maybe if I was in better shape, I wouldn’t be so prone to stupid injuries. She and another woman–who is also older than I am and in fairly good physical shape–just chuckled at my naivety and shook their heads. No, they said, it doesn’t really matter how fit you are, age trumps everything. Darn! Now I’m afraid to exercise.

Once it cools down here a little in another month or so, I think I’ll get back into walking. I’ll probably do some major injury to various body parts, but I think I’ll feel good doing it, so maybe that WILL make me a masochist. In the meantime, my son–a 26-year-old hard body stud muffin–thinks it’s pretty funny that his mom threw out her back putting on her pantyhose. Now he has the saga of the sneeze to add to his "goofy mom stories." At least someone gets some pleasure out of my injuries, even if it’s not me!


Kairle said...

Well, my son would call you "Grace". At least that's what he calls our oldest DD who tends to have her fair share of accidents.

Sorry about your back. Hey, wanna join me in physical therapy?! lol!

Libby said...

Ahh - but his day is coming, too. There was that time not long ago that Hubby put his back out by turning the page of the newspaper *s* So far my back is holding on, it's my toes that are being attacked by furniture that's getting me down.

floribunda said...

what an excellent excuse for not wearing pantyhose! I used to stick my thumb through them when putting them on, and create a giant hole such that they had to be tossed -- that was my excuse. Now I wear pants.

Hope your back feels better soon.

Eileen said...

You young-uns really make me laugh. Get out and walk everyday or go to Curves for 30 min. a day. Keeps you agil and young. I gave up pantyhose years ago. Only when it's absolutly necessary.


Su Bee said...

Pathetic, just pathetic. They say aging isn't for sissies and that's a fact. You have to be tough to put on pantyhose/sneeze/play backgammon. Yea, I did mine playing a board game - Pathetic. At least you belong to a big club!

Bren said...

I am suffering with a heel spur. I never thought I would have anything like that! I am waiting for my first bunion!!!!

Linda said...

Well this is obviously the meeting place for all the old I can feel your pain Kim, I sneezed and popped 3 ribs, more painful having them manipulated back in....And who said we would age gracefully? Hope your backs feeling better soon.

Sharon said...

You could wet your pants when you sneeze. Oh wait, that's gonna happen soon too. LOL!!!
Throw out the pantyhose and get some SPANX!!! There great!!!!

Anna Banana said...

Exercise ain't all it's cracked up to be. I did Yoga everyday last summer until caring for my ailing father interfered with my routine and I temporarily gave it up. I have twice tried to start back up this summer, but both times have hurt my back doing simple stretches. I'm only 1 year older, but must have passed the threshold of safe Yoga maneuvering.

Nicole said...

Aww. You aren't a masochist, you are just a teeny bit klutzy! lol
Seriously, I am sorry to hear about your back--that is no joke. I keep saying I need to take up walking too. It could be just the thing to get those stubborn last 10 pound off.

Anonymous said...

Susan Branch article in American Patchwork & Quilting, October 2007,
pages 26-30.

Found the "monster" pics. Carol was so right. You do lovely work.

See you next month,
Julie (Wed Nite Thimbleberries)

Sharon said...

I got rid of pantyhose. Before that it was girdles and I got rid of those also. Who needs all that confinement? Hope that your back gets better soon. Watch out for rocks when you start walking.


Marcie said...

Join the club! Growing old is not for sissies! At least you have a sense of humor about it. I am laughing WITH you, right?

atet said...

Ah, but the revenge will be the 26 year old hard bodied stud muffin one day will also reach mid 40's (or 30's in my case) and realize that that hard body, um, not so much anymore! And those injuries, yep, he'll get them too. In the meantime -- smile over his evenutal realization of his own mortality!

Patti said...

Here's how my kids would answer that question - they'd call you a klutz. How do I know? Because I could see myself in your every word as I chuckled - and sympathized - with every word of your post. How do I know? Because that's what they call me. My daughter never asks how I got such and such a bruise, because I never seem to be able to remember. One episode of running into something is much like another.