Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Word of Warning on the 4th of July!

No matter how patriotic you're feeling or how much you've had to drink at the 4th of July barbecue today, DON'T stick glow in the dark adhesive stars on your nipples. Taking them off hurts. A lot.

Have a safe and sane--or safe insane?--holiday!


Pat *Enjoying life in Florida" said...

Oh well, there goes my plans!

Vicky said...

I wonder if I can return these. Thanks for the warning!

Yvonne said...

You are too funny!

Carole said...

Ya know, I don't even want to know how you this!?! lol I know that getting your nipples pierced hurt and that's only because there was a classmate in my Psych class who had it done and told me. Ouch! No thanks! Have a happy fourth of July!

Tazzie said...

I had the same thought as Carole ... how did you find this out? I'm assuming it wasn't written on the packaging *lol*
Have a great day

Sharon said...

I have to ask you how do you know this???? Have you ever had the little bee bee's stuck on your nipples to have a mammogram?? The lady alway tells me to not to forget to take those off. LOL!!!

Marcie said...

Up to you old tricks again I see.

Su Bee said...


quiltmom said...

How do you find these things out?
You are too funny!!!!
I hope you are having a great day in the sweatshop and enjoying a wonderful July the Fourth.