Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pasta Pomodoro

If you're ever in California and looking for a good place to eat, give Pasta Pomodoro a try--or if you already live here, maybe you know how good it is!

A few years ago, a quilting friend and I went on a little road trip for her birthday. The main goal was to visit Carolea's Knitch in Sunnyvale. Unhappily, Carolea's closed awhile back, but they had the most wonderful patio of fabric and book bargains--a real destination spot for quilters. Having worked up an appetite shopping at Carolea's, we were in need of lunch before getting back on the road toward Sacramento. Across the street from Carolea's, we spotted Pasta Pomodoro.

Our lunch that day was excellent, and I was happy to learn that Pasta Pomodoro was coming to Sacramento. Since that time, it's one restaurant my husband and I return to for consistently good food and reasonable prices.

Pasta Pomodoro began in San Francisco; eventually restaurants were opened throughout California and there are now a few in Arizona. Each meal begins with sliced bread and an olive oil/fresh herb mix for dipping.

The entrees are diverse, from pasta to meat dishes. My favorite is a chicken marsala with portobello mushrooms. The prices are reasonable, with pasta dishes running about $9 to $10 on average and meat dishes around $12 to $13. For a couple dollars more, you can add a mista salad to your meal.

From the taste of the food, I believe that Pasta Pomodoro uses all fresh ingredients.

Last night my husband and I dined at Pasta Pomodoro in a late celebration of our anniversary. Have you ever heard of an afroggato? I think I've found a new food item to lust over and dream about! You all know, I think, that I like coffee, right? Well, an afroggato--at least Pasta Pomodoro's version--is vanilla bean ice cream served in a tall glass, topped with whipped cream. A shot of espresso is served on the side, to be poured over the ice cream and whipped cream. Heaven! I think this has totally spoiled me for plain, old floats! Although I sure didn't need one, now I have yet another reason to return to Pasta Pomodoro!


Tazzie said...

Ohhh how I loved Carolea's. I visited there each time I was in the US. It won't be the same when I'm there next year, two of my fave shops have now closed.
Pasta Pomodoro sounds lovely, I shall have to add it to the list of places to visit. I love Italian food! And a belated Happy Anniversary to you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kim, how we loved Carolea's and such a shame that they have closed. What a luch we had across the stret at your favorite resturant. Thank you again.

Will you be going back for your Birthday?


Vicky said...

Love love love Italian food. Almost my very favorite! Your dinner sounds fabulous!

floribunda said...

wow -- I didn't realize that Carolea's had closed... I loved that place the one time I went! The espresso/ice cream concoction sounds yummy. We have a P.P. nearby (Oakland) so I'll have to try it.

Sharon said...

That froggy drink sounds delish!! If it's got coffee in it, what could be bad??? The food sounded good too but I could just have the coffee/espresso.