Monday, July 2, 2007

New Book!

Okay, it's new to me, but it's been out for quite awhile. Like 12 years?! Remember my burger-challenged buddy from yesterday's post? Who knew that she had such good taste in cookbooks? (And, of course, the illustrations and little stories are wonderful too!) Well, actually I have no idea if she has this book or any of Susan Branch's other cookbooks, but she does have a link to Branch's website on her blog, so I clicked over there one day and was checking things out.

Susan Branch isn't totally unknown to me. In fact, the owner of our local quilt shop often reads little pieces of Branch's Girlfriends Forever book at our Jo's Little Women Club meetings. But I hadn't taken the time to really look at her books until now, and I decided I NEEDED this one since it's summer. (Oh, yeah, and there were three others that I NEEDED just as much, for various other reasons, but they haven't arrived yet.)

So, anyway, The Summer Book arrived in my mailbox on Saturday, and I read through it Saturday night. I had already been to the grocery store on Saturday, but after looking at the book, I had to go shopping again. Today--Monday--I went to Trader Joe's and then back to the grocery store. I think with one more stop at a health food store, I'll have everything I need to whip up quite a few of the recipes I've picked out to try first. (Sure would have been simpler if I had gotten the book several months ago and actually PLANTED a lot of what I needed, but nope, that didn't happen.)

Now, what I want to know from my Blogland friends out there: Do you have this book? If so, what recipes do you love? What recipes didn't work out so well for you? Do you have any of Susan Branch's other books that you wouldn't want to live without? Please leave me a comment or e-mail me (you can click on the e-mail link from my profile). I'd love to get your input!

P.S.: If you click the link under my current reads box over there on the right, it will take you to Amazon where you can look at a few of the pages of the book--just in case I'm not the only one who hasn't looked at it before!


JudyL said...

Don't have the book but would love to hear what you think about some of the recipes after you try them.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

No, don't have the summer book, she says as she prepares to put her gumboots on and swim to the chookshed!!!
I make a mean hamburger as well!!!Tracey

Sharon said...

I think I being the "challenged" blogger have most if not all of her cookbooks. Now doesn't that figure?? I do collect them it doesn't mean I actually cook from them. I love her things. I've been to her shop which is great. I'm glad I turned you onto something great. :-)

Patti said...

I'm not at all familiar with her - I think I'll have to check her out the next time I'm at B&N.