Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Yesterday I said I'd have a short post, and I obviously lied. My posts grow larger than intended, just like my quilts seem to do. Well, maybe tonight will be short. We'll see.

During my lunch hour today, I had a few minutes to check in on a couple blogs and found Nicole had posted a recipe for plum upside down cake from a recent issue of Country Home magazine. Coincidently and fortuitously (our word for the day!), one of the secretaries had brought a big bag of plums to work to share, so I asked her if she'd mind if I took home what was left at the end of the day to make a plum cake which I would then bring back to work tomorrow. As expected, she was perfectly okay with the idea, so I printed out Nicole's recipe and headed home with a bag of plums.

I had nearly enough plums to make two cakes--one for us and one for the office. I ran a little short on the second cake, so I supplemented the plums with a couple peaches that were starting to get a little soft. Here's what came out of the oven a little bit ago--the first photo is the plum cake and the second is the one with peaches added in:

If you look at Nicole's blog, you'll see she had a really pretty plate that was the exact size needed for the cake. Sadly enough, I do not, so my cakes aren't quite as pretty and they're hanging off the plates a bit at the corners, but I'm hoping they'll taste just as good! I think the peach/plum is a little nicer looking, so I'll take that one to work. Since the plums are a little tart, I'll keep the plain plum cake here to serve with some ice cream to sweeten it up a bit.

No quilting was accomplished tonight since I was busy in the kitchen. I guess I'd better go console myself with a little plum cake and ice cream.

ADDENDUM: I love you Nicole! Your plum cake is really, really yummy! Especially with a little Breyer's Natural Vanilla ice cream! Thanks!


Carol said...

My mouth is watering...YUMMY!

Kim said...

That looks so good.
I love the name of your blog- take out the word BIG and it's the name of my blog- how funny is that????
Great quilt pics too!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Well look at you go!!! Those cakes both look great. Wait till I tell you what happened to me when I tried to bake today. LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, I sure would like a taste. I think the one with peaches looks like it would be the best. You sure are Betty Crockers assistant. Baking cakes on a work night, go girl. Have some cake and ice cream for me.