Friday, July 20, 2007


Do you ever feel like you’re being drawn to something, somebody, or somewhere? I was sitting at my desk at work this morning when I started to hear the voices calling to me. "Come to the quilt shop, Kim. Come to the quilt shop. We’re waiting for you. We have lovely things to show you. Lots and lots of lovely things." Of course I told them to shut up and leave me alone, but they persisted, as they often do. And, as is often the case, I was helpless to resist and forced to heed their siren’s song.

Once the lunch hour arrived, I threw off my Dictaphone ear piece, grabbed up my purse, and sprinted for the car, thereafter breaking several speed laws as I headed toward the quilt shop. (I’m pretty sure that breaking the speed laws wasn’t MY doing but rather the magnetic pull exerted upon the car.)

When I arrived at the quilt shop, I learned it wasn’t just me the voices were calling this morning. There I ran into another quilter I know. She had been babysitting a grand kid this week and was feeling sick today. Until her husband came home, that is, and took over the babysitting duties; then she made a miraculous recovery. And, in celebration of the miracle of good health, she too felt a need to visit the quilt shop and give thanks.

No, I actually didn’t buy a whole lot as it turned out. I picked up a different shade of blue thread for quilting the monster, a couple packs of Thimbleberries charm squares (the Christmas line), and a quilt magazine. And since it’s my birthday month, I received 15% off my purchases. But I did spend a nice chunk of time breathing in the scent of fresh fabric, touching and petting this and that, and feasting my eyes on the wonders that surrounded me. Too bad I had to ruin it all by heading back to work, but the weekend is almost here, and I can hardly wait!

By the way, I shamelessly copied the quilt shop photos from Nicole’s blog. She did a nice review of this particular shop, and I thought you’d like to see where I was. If you click here, you can read Nicole’s post.


Kairle said...

Shoot...I thought you had your camera in your purse and took the pictures yourself.

Sounds like you picked yourself up some nice little goodies. Now get home and get working on the monster.

BTW, isn't it fun to run into someone that you know at the quilt shop? Yesterday I went in to buy a new ruler and ran into one of my closest friends from my youth. She lived two doors up the street and we went to school together from K-12. It sure was fun cathing up!

Judy said...

You're not going to believe this but I heard the same voices this morning and . . I succumbed. I will go no farther with my story except to say that fabric followed me home!

Vicky said...

What an adorable shop! (sigh)

I know that pull, that senseless need to breathe in fabric sizing, the uncontrolled urged to stare at new fabric until your eyes glaze over. Yep, you did the only thing you could -- under the circumstances!

Nan said...

There is absolutely NOTHING better than time spent in a quilt shop, is there? It rejuvenates the creative spirit and makes your quilty soul smile! I feel that pull quite often myself - it's a good thing!

Darlene said...

I hear those voices sometimes, too and you simply cannot ignore them. LOL

Greenmare said...

I thought I heard those voices too, but can they carry all the way to Wisconsin?
They must! maybe if I go to my local quilt shop it will quiet them down? oh well, if I must I must!