Monday, June 11, 2007

Danger, Will Robinson!

I think some of you reading my blog like Thimbleberries fabrics. And/or Christmas fabrics. If YOU are one of those people and don't want to be tempted, please look away. Actually, this is my second post today and I posted later in the day yesterday, so if you don't want to be Megged, just scroll down a bit and read the other posts. Ignore any photos you may see on your journey. Just place your finger on the down arrow button and close your eyes for a few seconds.

When I got to work today, I found an e-mail from the Fat Quarter Shop, kindly inviting me to look at the new Thimbleberries Christmas Street fabric that had just arrived. I was lucky enough to view fabric cards/samples of this and other upcoming Thimbleberries lines a few months ago, when the Northern California manufacturer's representative came to visit our Thimbleberries Club. This new line comes in three colorways and features three focus prints--two of a Christmas village scene in two scales (large and medium) and one of pine trees on snow-covered hills. You'll see photos of these focus fabrics below.

One of the three colorways has prints with blue backgrounds and other blue fabrics. I asked the rep which stores in my area had ordered that colorway and was informed that none of the shops had, so I was looking forward to seeing it online. I particularly like the fabric with white snowflakes on a blue background--sometimes at Christmas, I get a little burned out on all the red and green! So, be warned--if you like blue too, you might want to check with your LQS to see if they've ordered it; if not, you may want to order it online. Just watchin' your back, quilt buddy! LOL!


computerpeach said...

Interesting fabric - but I don't think I will be megged on this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the headup on this coming in blue. I'll have to find out since I have signed up to do all of the Countdwon to Christmas projects. The tree and hills is basically the same print as was used for Tree Farm Throw. Found this out from Thimbleberries when I called them about a pattern I can't get my hands on. Sharon