Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ta Da!

This is the culprit I was working on when I hit the wall last week and slumped all over the floor of my sewing room, questioning the meaning of life and speculating upon the futility of quilting. Weird, huh? But once I picked myself up, dusted off all the snipped threads, and got busy making covers for my chair, I put that little episode behind me and moved on. Now I have this one done and I'm ready, I think, to start playing around with some charm packs and a few lengths of fabric. Maybe it's hormonal. Are there quilting hormones, I wonder?

One thing about my quilting that's been bugging me for a long time is the idea that I've lost my focus. When I started quilting, I was very sure about what I liked and didn't like. I knew my quilting time was limited, and I'd darn well better concentrate on making only the things that really appealed to me. I rarely used anyone else's patterns, and if I did, I usually changed them quite a bit. Applique particularly appealed to me because I could design whatever I wanted and my quilts wouldn't look like any others. Somewhere along the line, I lost that focus. I started liking just about everything, and I wanted to make just about everything--and I thought I could, apparently! Instead of being drawn to a narrow color and tonal pallet, my color sensibilities expanded. While particular colors and patterns still appeal to me and others still don't, it's that middle range--the stuff I could live with but didn't LOVE--that seems to have worked its way into my stash and my quilts.

I've had this little talk with myself before and resolved to get back on track but somehow, before I know it, I'm back to drooling all over the pages of quilt magazines and catalogues, wanting to make everything I see. And then when I start a quilt, I'm in a rush to get it finished so I can move onto the next whim. Darn quilting hormones again, I'm sure!

I'm not sure how to change this behavior, but I think that sometime in the next few months, I'm going to have to find a way to do that. My husband asked yesterday whether I was going to put any of my quilts in the State Fair this year, and I told him I wasn't--for the second or third year in a row. The reason? Because I haven't made anything for awhile that I would consider unique and different enough to bother with. As you may imagine, by now I have plenty of "utility quilts" to cover each and every one of my beds a couple layers deep, so why keep making them? I'm starting to feel a little like the girl in high school who sleeps with every guy on the football team! Darn quilting hormones!


Michelle said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on a finish.

Marcie said...

So you are a quilt slut, is that what you are saying? I have heard of that before.
Your quilt turned out fabulous! I want to make it too! Can we hang out?

Darlene said...

Love, love that quilt!

Here, here, darn those quilting hormones! Dang it!

Patti said...

Hee, hee - thanks for the chuckle. And I love Marcie's response!

I definitely believe that as we quilt, learn, and are exposed to more and more quilters our tastes change and grow and evolve. I know mine sure have. And you know what? That's OK! Sure, more things appeal to you and you want to make more, different things when this happens. My question is what's wrong with that? Part of the reason I quilt is because I really enjoy the process, and love working with fabric. If you think you have too many utility quilts, give some away to charity. Enjoy the moment.

Or get back to the straight and narrow and thumb your nose at those quilting hormones! Feed them with chocolate and maybe they'll go away.

atet said...

Lovely quilt -- congrats on the finish. As for those darn quilt hormones -- I'll let you know when I figure out how to deal with my own "hormonal" shifts!

JoAnna said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! The quilting hormones do wreck havoc, but it's encouraging to know you're getting through this rough time.

Nicole said...

Hi Kim, I just discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading your posts. You are an excellent writer, and I will enjoy checking in on you regularly.

Quilt Mommy said...

Oh gosh I love this quilt, and I see I'm not alone here!

Well maybe because I've not been quilting for many years like a lot of other quilting bloggers, but I think that all that stuff you work on in between the projects you LOVE are the ones that teach you all the lessons you need to make an amazing quilt. I don't mind so much if every quilt I crank out isn't breath taking. It'd be nice if that were the case, but, my goodness, how much passion can one person possess? To be madly in love and passionate about every quilt made - with the ranks of quilts I imagine you have under your belt, it's those that come out extraordinarily spetacular every once in a while that I would think keeps you quilting!

Besides, it seems like once your family and friends know you're a quilter they all want a quilt - or two or three - fine by me, I can save those most fantastic quilts for myself and not seem too awfully greedy!!! Hehehe*

The Chicken Lady said...

Yea, like others have said, the longer you're into it, the more you're exposed to, the more you realize, HEY, I like EVERYTHING! :) Great quilt! Have fun starting your next one. :)

Carole said...

Lovely quilt! I love the colours! Eat chocolote and it will regulate your quilting hormone. Keep well!