Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Summer Decorating

Thank goodness I posted a photo of my bedroom yesterday because this morning the bed's unmade and doesn't look nearly as nice. Today I'll share a couple photos of the kitchen.

Since the dishes aren't done, there will be no photos of the sink area. Isn't it funny the way a house can look just mah-velous at 6 p.m. one day and trashed the next morning? What happens to it in the middle of the night? I could swear it didn't happen before we went to bed, because both my husband and I were pretty much unable to move--me from cleaning and decorating most of the day and him from working around the yard and garage. You see, that's why I like quilting more than cleaning. With cleaning, you're constantly having to do the same thing over and over. With quilting, your stitching doesn't come undone while you sleep, so you can just go on with the next step the next day. I had the same issues with gardening--darn weeds! And every time I'd sit down to admire the beautiful garden, I'd see something else that needed doing--weeding, trimming, watering, etc. Gardening is definitely NOT restful! One of these days, when I have more time, I'll give it another go, because I truly do love the look of a garden. Maybe when I have more time, I'll even make my bed. Maybe I'll win the lottery and will be able to hire a gardener and maid. Yep, that's what I'm aiming for.

We have these ugly, dark cupboards. You'd think that since our son is in the kitchen cabinet business, we'd have them redone, right? It's kind of funny because whenever he comes over, he just looks around and shakes his head. I'm pretty sure it's head-shaking amazement over the idea that we live with these things, but it might just be that he can't find any food that appeals to him. We've actually thought about having them redone several times over the years, but there's always something else that takes priority.

I worked a little bit on appliqueing the new quilt last night, but I think I need to get out the seam ripper tonight and take out what I did, because it's looking too bulky/heavy. I guess that's a little bit like having to clean house over and over again, but not exactly. Once I try a couple different options, I'm sure I'll find something I like. I'll share a photo of a section once I get it figured out.

Back to work today, but at least it's only a four day work week! (Note to self: Buy a lottery ticket.)


Darlene said...

Your home is lovely! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Screen Door said...

Your place looks like --- home... I recognize fabrics in your quilts...I'm all for winning the lottery.....

Michelle said...

Yes, that's my complaint about housework. It never stays finished. Looking forward to seeing the applique.

Judy said...

If that quilt were mine, I'd quilt some feathers in that light area using variegated thread and forget the applique . . especially since I don't know how to applique!

Thanks for the pix! I had dark cabinets in a kitchen once and they only bothered me when I looked at the pictures. I never even noticed when I was in the kitchen.