Thursday, April 26, 2007

Zero, Zilch, Nada

Do you ever have those dreams where you feel like no matter how hard you try to get somewhere or get something done, you keep getting side tracked, take one step back for every step or two forward, or just find yourself running in place? Today seemed a little like one of those dreams.

The day began with me in a fairly lazy mood, sipping my coffee and catching up on all of your blogs that I hadn't read in the last day or two and exchanging a few e-mails with friends and fellow bloggers. Oh, and I slept in too--I stayed up a bit late reading.

Around mid-day, I wandered into the Sweat Shop and started cutting fabric for the next borders on my Jo Morton quilt. I finished the pinwheel border last night and was ready to move on to the flying geese--I needed something like 62 of those. After I got the fabric cut, I decided I ought to start on the house cleaning. That's pretty much the way the day went--sew a little, clean a little, sew a little more, clean a little less. By late afternoon, I had a pile of flying geese going. I should tell you that this particular pattern isn't going to look very good if all the seams don't line up precisely, so I was being extraordinarily careful with my cutting and sewing, even going so far as to then trim the geese to within a thread of their lives! I made a bargain with myself: I'd sew one border of geese together and then get back to the cleaning. Soon I had a strip of 14 geese all nicely pressed with the seams going this way and that so they'd nestle up cosily against the seams of the pinwheel blocks. I put that perfect little strip up on the design wall, only to realize I had made all the blocks 1/4" too small. Grrr!

This is one thing I've noticed about myself these days--although I seem to feel okay, I think my mind must be somewhere else because I'm really not very focused. I just made the pinwheel blocks last night and the geese are supposed to be basically the same size--two geese would be the same measurement as a pinwheel block. Now you'd surely think I'd remember the dimensions, wouldn't you? I would! Which is why I didn't think to go back and read the directions.

So, I thought, at least I'll get the house cleaned. I figured I'd come back to the goosey dilemma later. Did I get the house cleaned? Well, not yet--at least not as I'm writing this blog post. It's mostly done but the kitchen isn't quite finished. And what about the geese? Well, I decided the smaller geese just weren't going to work--the scale wasn't right even if I could get the measurements to work somehow. So back to the cutting board. And sewing machine. Once again, I have about half my geese sewn but I need to trim them to ensure perfection. But maybe I'll wait until tomorrow.

And how about that blueberry something-or-other I thought I might make? Nope! Didn't do that either. I DID fix dinner--my famous chicken Caesar salad that I blogged about a few weeks ago. That turned out well, so I can still hold my head up around here. And see that picture at the top of my post? That's what I got done today! (Yes, it's a trick question--Blogger isn't eating photos.)

So I'll say goodnight and head for the kitchen, cleaning supplies in hand. Happy quilting!


YankeeQuilter said...

I think we all have days like that...someday I'll post how I threw out my DH's passport while cleaning on a day like yours! All I can say is it does get better!

Blueberries...aren't they supposed to help with the brain?! Blueberry pancakes...blueberry muffins...Oh, I am getting homesick!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Bummer, Kim. That many flying geese can be tedious anyway, but to make the all the wrong size and have to remake them...OUCH!

I'm right behind you. Still don't have the bindings on the two quilts I was going to do yesterday. Today? Maybe.

Darlene said...

It's OK - don't be so hard on yourself.

I'm sad to hear about the flying geese but toss those aside and move onward. :-)

Wishing you a better day today!

Carole said...

I say, let the geese fly away. We all have days like that..... hum.... brings back memories! lol Sometimes, thats way things go and you just need to go with the flow. Fighting it is tiring. Take care of yourself. I say put the cleaning supplies away and do something that makes you feel good,unless you're one of these rare individuals who gets a kick out of cleaning. Have you tried a massage, hot stone? You'll never turn back! ;o) Hey keep well and get out there and have some pleasures!

Greenmare said...

Kim, sorry about the geese, there are tons of live ones here if you want to see if they would fit?
Love your purchases at the shop hop and TRULY LOVE the pictures of your mom and dad!!! What a treasure those are! My parents had their 50th anniversary last fall, and mom's parkinsons has made her so cranky and uncooperative that she sure didn't look at my dad the way your mom is looking at yours. Actually, she refused to go to the party. Hard to raise parents!
hang in there, you are in my thoughts~