Friday, April 13, 2007


Friday's here--finally! Last night was a reasonably productive one. I started thinking about peanut butter cookies--maybe because I didn't have my usual peanut butter and crackers for lunch. (I stopped on my way to work to pick up a latte and croissant for breakfast and a salad for lunch.)

Tomorrow I drive up to take my mom grocery shopping and do whatever else needs to be done. She came home from the nursing home Wednesday and is glad to be home. We're expecting a storm to come in, so it will mean having to drive through a lot of rain and I'm not looking forward to that, but I should be home around mid to late afternoon and then I'll have the rest of the weekend to putter around and quilt. I've been thinking about making Paula Deen's Taco Soup. Have you ever made it? It's as simple as dumping a bunch of cans of stuff into the crockpot and leaving it. Well, yes, you DO have to open the cans first. It might be nice to get it started before I leave for Oroville tomorrow so I can come home to some nice comfort food. If I do make it, I'll take a photo for you and get you the recipe.

Anyway, peanut butter cookies. I remembered my mom likes peanut butter cookies too, so I decided to bake a batch and take some with me for her. There's something wonderfully delicious about this simple cookie! I also worked on finishing up an appliqued center square for a Jo Morton pattern--one of the classes I took from her. The photo of the center is posted below next to the pattern photo--which you probably can't see very well, but next I'll need to do a couple pieced borders. The pink fabric really isn't that bright--funny what photos do! I really wanted to start the block for Patty's and my applique project but I thought I should finish this one first. Now I have a clear conscience, so I'm ready for some applique fun this weekend!

The table's set for tea. Would you like to come over for some tea and peanut butter cookies?


paula, the quilter said...

What a lovely block. I can smell the cookies from here.

Carole said...

What time did you want me over of tea? Peanut butter, my favorite! The center block looks marvelous. I like those colours. Keep well and happy quilting!