Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Nice, Simple Day

Today was just a nice, simple day.

A quiet house, because my husband was at work today. Fresh perked coffee and a piece of blueberry cream cheese coffee cake for a late breakfast. E-mails with friends. A lazy morning and early afternoon spent working on applique. A long chat on the telephone with a best friend. No rush to get dressed, get my make up on, and fix my hair. Simple. Relaxing.

My brother, his wife, and her son, Nick, arrived mid-afternoon, along with Waldo, their Corgie. My son came over, my husband arrived home. We went to an early dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Pasta Pomodoro. My brother and I shared thoughts of our dad and our mom, and childhood memories. It was a good visit.

A stop at the mailbox. A new book and cards from friends far away that felt like warm hugs. An evening appliqueing, sitting with my husband, watching television shows on BBC America. A day full of some of my favorite things.


May Britt said...

Some days are better than others, and this sounds like one of them.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, I've been a little flat out and feel neglectful but I can see you have been having at least a good day and a generally improving time. I love the 'geese at the wheel' quilt-(sorry, I like playing with names) i also wish i had been there to pop over for that little shop hop jaunt the other day-now that looked like the kind of therapy that would have cost $1000 from a professional and I'm sure you never spent nearly that much! tell dh you actually saved money. I'm about to go and get the recipe for that cake, it may become a hamilton district treasure like your apple cake1 LOL Tracey

Darlene said...

I love days like that - nice that you could have one.