Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moving Along

Today my main focus was on seeing my parents settled into their nursing home. The drive was long and the high winds buffeted my car around on the flat stretches of the highway. A stop at a Starbucks in a small town that marks the halfway point made the journey a little more pleasant. (Have I mentioned that I love Starbucks' iced lattes? I wish I owned stock in Starbucks!)

I was happy to discover that my parents seemed to be doing reasonably well. My dad was dozing on and off while I was there, but he seemed more alert, and I could see that spark in his eyes that told me he was "there." My mom is bruised all over and has discovered a new problem with her hip, but x-rays don't show any fractures; presumably it will just take some time to heal. We had a good visit and talked over financial and other matters, which I'll take care of while they're in the nursing home. Just before I left, a neighbor arrived to say hello: George plays the banjo and his "band" was performing for the residents when I arrived. I left thinking that my parents are in good surroundings, being well cared for, and should do just fine.

The drive home didn't seem quite so long, and by the time I reached the halfway mark, I was ready for another latte. This little town is laid out kind of oddly in that the main street where all the shops are parallels the main road through town but is a block or two over. Along the old downtown street, old fashioned lighted metal framework criss-cross each intersection. I haven't driven down this street often, but it's charming and I found myself thinking that I ought to stop and do some exploring one of these days. Of course, once I saw there was a quilt and yarn shop amid the other little stores, my mind was made up: this is a little town I need to become more familiar with! Although the sign on the quilt shop door said "open," it was just after 6 p.m. and I figured they were probably on the verge of closing for the evening. I also knew I had a husband waiting at home who would be wondering where I was if I was delayed, so I continued on but mentally marked the location of the shop so I can treat myself next time with a stop and a little exploration. Don't you just love "discovering" quilt shops that you didn't know existed?!

As I neared Sacramento, driving along the freeway with rice fields stretching out on either side, I could see the downtown area off in the distance, seemingly stuck out in the middle of flat farm land and looking a little like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. I thought about the evening ahead and, as it usually does, my mind wandered to the quilt project I'm working on. For the first time in several days, I felt that flutter of excitement and the lightening of spirit that quilting seems to bring. And I was nearly home . . . .


Pat *Enjoying life in Florida" said...

Very descriptive! I felt like I was there with you. I know you have a lot to think about but it's a relief to know things are okay "for now".

I think I enjoy looking forward to quilting almost as much as actually doing it. It's our ace in the pocket of life!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Great picture, Kim. That really does look like the Emerald City!!!

Isn't it nice to stumble across a new quilt shop? Something to look forward to on your next trip.

Glad to hear that your parents are doing better.