Saturday, March 31, 2007

Marysville Rest Stop

Boy, am I tired tonight! I made the trip up to Oroville today to take care of some business for my parents and visit, so I've done my "good daughter" stuff for the weekend. Tomorrow is "my" day, and I'm planning to sleep in and then quilt. Maybe I won't even get dressed! Well, I probably will, but it sure is nice to know that I don't HAVE to if I don't want to! I mentioned before that when I travel to Oroville, I like to stop in Marysville, which is about the halfway point. Good thing too, because there's really no other place to stop unless you want to visit someone's orchard or farm fields. The photo above is the view of the lake from the Starbuck's. Nice lake, huh?! LOL! I know, I know--you can barely see it in this photo and I was trying hard to get a picture between cars and trucks, but it's a heavily traveled road so it didn't quite turn out the way I planned. There really is a nice lake and park there, but they've started putting in a little strip mall on the street, and it blocks this particular view. You may remember, if you read that earlier post, that I talked a little bit about these lighted metal supports that criss cross each intersection on the old main street. Well, here's a photo of that (did I mention that I'm a really poor photographer? I really didn't MEAN to feature the garbage can in the photo! LOL!):

You can see the closest one and then off in the distance is another. I'm not sure how many there are, but I'd guess maybe six or seven. They look really cool after dark with the lights on. And right behind me is the quilt shop I mentioned. Yes, I did visit it--first time too. AND the fabric fairies were smiling down on me today! Now I think I have also said that I'm a Thimbleberries fan, so you can imagine I was pretty excited to find some older ("vintage"!) Thimbleberries fabric as well as some older fabrics from other designers. I'll share some photos of my "haul" with you:

Here's the Thimbleberries fabrics--from several of the older lines. They had a bunch of their fabric precut in one yard lengths, so that's what you'll see with some of these. A pretty decent bargain too at $6.50 a yard!

Then I picked up some pink fabrics. I'm not a pink kind of person, but these appealed to me and would look nice made into something in my daughter's former room--I painted the room a light green earlier this year. The top two are from an old Robyn Pandolph line back when she was still with Moda.

Finally, here are some odds and ends. The piece on the bottom is a flannel that I had been searching for. There's a visually excellent but simply pieced quilt that this line was used for--I've seen the quilt made up in shops a few times--and with this fabric, I have the main pieces and can "fake" the rest. So that was a pretty cool find, and I almost missed it because I wasn't really looking at the flannels. The blue piece in the back is more old Robyn Pandolph--really a pretty blue shade. Finally, the middle piece is from Kansas Troubles, an old line called Stitches on the Oregon Trail, I think. I remember this stuff was in shops when I first started quilting.

I guess I'm going to have to stop in Marysville more often! LOL!
Once I got back to the city, I finally did my grocery shopping. After putting it off for a couple weeks, the grocery bill made my fabric bill look quite small! LOL! Now I'm thinking about French toast for breakfast. A blueberry crumble bread for the toast with some whipped honey sweetened cream cheese and blueberry jam between two slices. How does that sound? With a pot of Starbuck's coffee? You're welcome to come over--just don't arrive too early, because I'm sleeping in!

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Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Good shopping ...and that toast smells divine! Be there in a minute, have the coffee on, it's a bit of a walk!Tracey