Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On the First Day . . .

I have heard it said that a person should spend the first day of the new year doing what he or she plans to do the rest of the year.  So that's exactly what I did.

I slept in a little bit . . . but not too much.  Just enough to ensure a sufficient amount of sleep after being out late on New Year's Eve, celebrating with friends and family.

I did a little reading . . . but not too much.  Just enough to occupy my mind and entertain me while I drank my morning coffee, ate my breakfast, and waited for Hubby to wake up (because I didn't want to be too noisy around the house while he was getting the sleep he needed).

I did a little house cleaning . . . but not too much.  Just enough to keep the dust from choking the people who live in this home.

I did a little exercising . . . but not too much.  Just enough to work off a few of the calories consumed on New Year's Eve.

I did a little sewing . . . but not too much.  Just enough to feed my soul . . . which meant spending most of the day in the Sweat Shop.

I did a little cooking . . . but not too much.  Just enough to feed Hubby and me our traditional New Year's day dinner of tamales and accompanying side dishes.  (These tamales appear to have been the last of the ones I made and froze last Christmas.)

And I spent a little time on the computer . . . but not too much.  Just enough time to check in with friends and family and wish everyone a happy New Year.

How did you spend your first day?


Melissa said...

Kim that sounds like a wonderful day and a great start to the new year. I, too, did some cooking, some sewing, some reading, some spending time with the kids and family and some browsing on the computer. All in all, a good day. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

And happy new year to you too.


Carol said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I did a bit of sewing too. I was looking around at stuff on my iPad and said to myself "I don't want to waste the day on the computer, I want to do something". And sew I did.

Anna said...

I like your day!! I spent the morning with grandson's waiting for their parents, then took a short nap, showered and went out with DH for a little happy hour celebration...came home and stitched some wool.

Anonymous said...

If my New Year's Day was indicative of the year to come, I'm doomed. Not enough sleep. Cleaning? Why bother. Cooking? No thanks. Sewing? Tired of that project. Crabby, cranky and cantankerous? Wildly successful at that!! Day two is looking better, so maybe all hope is not lost! Happy new year to you!!

Xoxo Grandma said...

Sounds like my day was like your day. Happy to read your updates. Have a great 2014! Happy creating.