Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pumpkin Progress and Scrap Basket Sunday

Shirley and I joined Imelda at her home tonight and began making pumpkins.  I thought you'd like to see.

Shirley unwrapped her kit and spread it out for us to enjoy--don't you love the green ribbon it was tied with?!

After admiring the fabrics a bit, we got to work.  Shirley and Imelda hadn't prepared their pumpkins ahead of time, so I started out ahead of the game, but they made great progress as I enjoyed the salad I picked up for my dinner from California Pizza Kitchen on the drive between my office and Imelda's house.  (And it's possible I was doing more talking than sewing at times too!)  By the end of the night, Imelda and I had both finished our three pumpkins and Shirley wasn't far behind.

These pumpkins go so quickly we've decided to meet and work on them twice a month:  the first Friday of the month and the third Friday of the month.  You may recall that in recently months, I've reserved Friday evenings for dinner out with Hubby, but after eating so many meals out on our vacation, I think dinner out every other week will work just fine for awhile.

Will you be joining us for Scrap Basket Sunday?  If you're short of ideas on what to make, how about pulling all of your orange fabrics out of your scrap basket--assuming you HAVE scraps of orange--and making some pumpkins?  I went looking for a link for a pumpkin pattern to suggest and guess what I found?  One of my own!  You can either click on the "Happy Jacks Tutorial" in the sidebar or hop over to my pattern at FaveQuilts (this link will take you to part 1).  And, of course, FaveQuilts has several other pumpkin suggestions for you--like a paper pieced Jack-O-Lantern--cute and perfect for smaller scraps!

"See" you Sunday!


Rosa said...

They are super cute.Have a fun weekend!

Donna said...

I'm back! Scrap Basket Sunday is such fun. Thanks for having us.

Patti said...

Love your pumpkins!

Aunt Marti said...

Kim, thank you so much for hosting Scrap Basket Sunday -- you inspire me to get something scrappy made each Sunday so I can play along!