Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

The idea that I needed to do something with my increasingly packed scrap drawer has been lurking in the back of my mind for some time now, and I finally formed a plan to help decrease my scrap stash.  I'm going to start something I'm calling Scrap Basket Sunday.  Each Sunday I'll pull fabric out of my scrap drawer and make a few blocks.  Then I'll post photos on my blog the following Saturday night--that way, the photos will show up in my Sunday post.

Once I decided on a plan, I started looking through various resources for a project to begin with.  First I visited Quilter's Cache.  Have you looked at all the blocks Marcia Hohn has uploaded there?  It's a great resource.  If you don't know about it, click on the name link which will take you to the page where you can access the blocks and check it out.

I printed out a couple block possibilities but then I remembered that Kim Diehl's books contain a lot of scrappy quilts and I love her patterns, so I pulled my books off the shelf and began browsing.  When I came across this one, I knew I'd found my first project:

The quilt is called Pie in the Sky and the blocks are stars inside of churn dash blocks.  My friends and I saw a quilt made from this pattern at the Manteca Quilt Show a few weeks ago, and it was one of my favorites.  And I'd already forgotten about it until I went looking for a scrappy project!  You can also see there are plenty of plain fabric squares that make up the sashing--great for using up a basket full of scraps!

I'd like to invite you to join me in Scrap Basket Sunday if you also have scraps that aren't being put to good use.  And I may have a few scrappy giveaways along the way--which will also help to decrease the amount of scraps I have.  Win-win, right?!  Just find yourself a pattern you like and join in--it doesn't have to be the same one I'm making.  If you have a blog, post your blocks on your blog each Sunday and let me know you're participating, and I'll create a section in my sidebar of links to other scrappy bloggers.

Speaking of giveaways, I promised to announce the winner of the Australian magazine Stan sent to me for machine embroidery.

Here's the winner's post:

Shelley has left a new comment on your post "Stan's the Man!":

"That issue looks like an 'oldie,' but 'goodie.' I have been embroidering for over 12 yrs and I do not have that particular issue. Maybe there is something inside that catches your eye? Love adding embroidery to my quilts! Thanks for the chance to win a little treasure."

Shelley, please email me your mailing address and I'll mail the magazine to you this week.  Thank you all for stopping in to visit.  Happy sewing!


JoAnne said...

Great idea! I'm probably "in." I'll let you know when I post!

Dorothy said...

Great Idea -- i was thinking of making some string blocks today and it would be good to have a day dedicated to scraps -- I certainly have enough of them!!

Diane said...

I would love to play along. I have enough scraps to keep me busy for a very long time! Thanks for the great idea!

Carol said...

I love this idea Kim. I'm going to do my best to join in every week as I too want to decrease the size of my scraps. I have a pattern in mind already so I can get going on it later today after I do a bit of cleaning.

Carol said...

Maybe you can make a blog button for this. Just a thought.

Margie said...

Grandma always told me "If you sew on Sunday you will rip on Monday" Well Grandma, times have changed I have a very large stash of vintage sheets and am wanting to try and get them to fit into a smaller tote!!!
I'm in, but like Carol said a button would be nice just to keep reminding me.

shelley said...

I was just looking at this book a couple weeks ago. I love the pattern with the stars and churn dash blocks. Definitely on my list "to do", but not sure I can play right now. Will watch for your blocks though!

Sewfine Quilts said...

I'm in too. I like the Kim Diehl quilt so I will likely join you in doing that one.
I too would love a button that I could post on my blog.


Anonymous said...

After seeing that quilt again by Kim Diehl, I decided to purchase the book. Hopefully I'll be able to follow along and make a couple of blocks every week. Thanks for sharing.

Bowbailey said...

The Kim Diehl quilt looks very fun to make and I have the book and lots of fabric and I need a piecing project like this to take to sit n sews. I might not make a block on a weekly basis, but will be fun to work on. Thanks!!!

Norece said...

I love the pattern and will be purchasing the book. Thanks for sharing it.

Sinta Renee said...

I really really would love to join you Kim. I have all the Kim D books... but I want to make all of the Edyta Sitar patterns from her Scrappy Fireworks book right now... can I join?