Monday, December 10, 2012

Keeping Up . . .

At least I've kept up with ONE project this year:  Harrington and Hannah.  I've just finished the November block and December should be out any day now.

The original design had a small embroidered "bush" with heart flowers on it, but I elected to leave that out--I'm not adding as much embroidery to mine as is contained in the blocks Michelle May has designed.

When I gave the wool kits to my friends this weekend--I've been kitting these blocks up each month for them--a couple of the ladies told me how much they've enjoyed this BOM, and I have too.  I think this is going to make a really cute quilt before too long.  Each block DOES reflect the time of year but in a fairly subtle manner, which is kind of fun.

I'm not certain yet how I'll set these but I think it might be a little different from the pattern, and that's why I haven't been adding the pieced sashing as we went along.  If you haven't been making this quilt this year but are interested, you can still download all the patterns and directions on Michelle May's pattern page, HERE.


Altax said...

The link you have given looks great!!!

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Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Your thoughtful year long kits of H&H have been a delight to work on. I am ready to start the stitching on Nov. and wow Dec. came out today! Your Nov looks great and I am going to follow your lead on placement.
I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Hugs