Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where All My Gourmet Recipes Are Created

Of course, I usually show you a few photos of my holiday decorations each time a new holiday rolls around, and Easter is no exception. And, of course, each year's decorations look similar to the last, although I try to make a few changes from year to year, so maybe there's some value in sharing my photos. And THIS year, of course, I know you're all just dying to see where I create my complex puff pastry recipes and make the magic happen, right?

But first, about yesterday's post--it's always a little bit of a shock to me to get negative comments out of the blue, especially when I'm talking about something so seemingly innocuous as puff pastry. Frankly, to get a comment like that one--well, it's at least half funny, but in a sad sort of way. I always wonder how miserable a commenter's life must be to cause him or her to share such a caustic little attitude toward life. Of course, my post was half serious and half tongue-in-cheek, but I appreciated the support and comments from all of you. Life's a funny thing, and it takes all sorts, doesn't it?

So, anyway, enough of that. Welcome to my kitchen! Here you'll see several examples of the fabric carrots I shared with you a few posts back. In fact, now that I think about it, I actually gave you a RECIPE for the carrots, didn't I?

The Easter quilt that's on my table is half my own creation and half from a pattern. I keep thinking that one of these days, I'll design something similar but it will be ALL my creation, and then I can make a pattern available. But it hasn't happened yet, darn it!

Do you remember my creepy bunnies? They've been released from the Sweat Shop to make an appearance for the holiday high up on a shelf, where they can keep watch over us while we dine.

In fact, I'm hoping you can help me name them. Here's a closer view--again, see the carrots?

Awwwwwww, isn't that sweet? They're holding hands!

I kind of think if they had cute names, it might take some of the creepiness away, but I'm open to anything. I don't know if you remember, but Pink Flamingo Dianne named my Halloween witch, Cacklin' Rosie, remember? She almost killed herself doing it, too, because she was thinking so hard, she forgot to watch where she was going and very nearly ran into a support column on a building. (I think it might have been JoAnn's!) So if you want to play along and come up with a name for this pair, please DO be careful and watch where you're going okay? (*See terms and conditions set forth below.)

And did I happen to mention? There just might be a little spring/Easter prize package for the person who comes up with the best names. Let's leave the naming open until Friday night. I'll either announce my choice on Saturday, or if there are a couple good names that I can't decide between, I may ask for your input before picking, okay?

Release of Liability and Terms and Conditions of Contract (because I just don't get enough of this stuff at work): Blogger herein does not assume liability for any injuries or damages that may occur to Bunny-Naming Participant (hereinafter "BNP"). BNP waives all rights to recover damages he or she may have in the event of injury, including but not limited to walking into concrete posts. BNP further relinquishes all ownership rights to the bunny names proposed, and at the time of proposal, said bunny names become the sole and exclusive property of Blogger herein. Please acknowledge these terms by signing and dating this waiver.


Andrea said...

I have just had the best laugh over the PPC ( puff pastry controversy ). Makes you wonder what goes on in peoples minds doesn't it ? Lol. Anyway just wanted to tell you your kitchen looks great but them bunnies scare me a bit - haha. Looking forward to seeing the names that pop up on here but I'm afraid my minds blank - seems that laughing so much at the PPC has rendered it useless. Have a lovely day xxx

luv2quilt2 said...

I have to agree with Andrea; I had a really good laugh about the puff pastry. I can't believe how small people can be sometimes. I'm trying to think of some really good names for your (creepy) bunnies, but the way my mind works, nothing will come to me until next week!

Janet said...

No help from me on the creepy bunnies either (but they really ARE kind of creepy), but I just had to post to say I LOVE the tablecloth!

Anonymous said...

How about Hector and Heloise for the creepies?

dianne said...

those bunnies really do creep me out, you know ... how 'bout Bonnie and Clyde (AFTER they were shot full of holes)?

lemme look again ... shudder ... really, really creepy bunnies

signed ... a nonnie moose

p.s. - puff pastry might be the cooking world's equivalent of charm packs in the quilting world

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you that some people will get their drawers in a wad over anything! he he

I'm thinking of Finious Thumpkin and Flopsy Hare.

Finious and Flopsy just has a ring to it don't you think!


Donna said...

The puff pastry was too funny! The recipe looked delish!
Your Easter decor is so Springy.
The bunnies are adorable! I would name them Porter and Prudence.

Lady of the Cloth said...

I would call them Eddie and Esmeralda. I did this sitting down to avoid injury.Carline

Brandie said...

Lafayette Hare and his good wife Finella.
They really are a creepy couple. Do they play banjos?

Donna said...

Crispina and Cincinnatus - my Internet search says in Latin Crispina means curly headed; Cincinnatus is with curly hair. Seems to fit the rabbits. Happy quilting!

Laura K said...

I don't know why but as soon as I saw the bunnies I thought of the names Percival and Penelope. I don't know if those are cute enough to take away the creepiness though!

Marge said...

When I saw the bunnies Ma and Pa came right to mind. How about Ma and Pa Torrac, That;s carrot backwards!!!
Love the decor.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

My first thought on the bunnies was Hector and Hannah. To decreep them ...Funny Bunny and Honey Bunny. That makes them pretty harmless.

Your decore is great!

carol fun said...

Ok I don't have any clever name ideas but I do like Donna's suggestions. Of course I may be partial to Cincinnatus since I live in Cincinnati.

Loved your post on mean comments. Honestly what possesses people to show their own small minds that way?

The legal disclaimer is a great finishing touch.

Kigwit said...

I had to click and see those bunnies up close. And then I had to enlarge. They are seriously creepy. I don't think you can de-creep these guys!

How about the Crypt Keeper and His Wife? Lazarus and Martha? Huff and Puff (for the enemies of puff pastry).

Carol said...

I put on my thinking cap and here's what I came up with:

Frederick & Felicity

Your Easter decorations are so nice.

Jill said...

Oh my first thought was Bonnie and Clyde too.

dianne said...

on second thought, maybe Bunnie and Claude (kinda like Bonnie and Clyde, but not as violent) ... yep, still creeped out by those wasca-wee wabbits

p.s. - word verification is "chili" - that sounds good for breakfast - maybe with some scrambled eggs in puff pastry cups - do eggs count as a package?

p.s.s. - i haven't hurt myself thinking about this ... yet

Amy said...

How about Ma and Pa Kettle? They're old fashioned, still in love, and Kettle is another name for a cauldron...

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